Dolphins practiced with 12 offensive players to deceive spectators


In the past 24 hours, a number of videos from the Miami Dolphins’ practice on Wednesday at the University of Cincinnati have gone viral online, prompting speculation about whether there was a security breach or whether their strategy for tonight’s game versus the Bengals had been revealed. The Dolphins apparently knew they were being observed because they took some counterintelligence actions. The Dolphins reportedly discovered that people were watching their walkthrough, so head coach Mike McDaniel and company purposefully added a 12th man to offensive formations to prevent anything from being seen on camera, according to NFL Network Insider. The public has easy access to observe the playing field at Nippert Stadium. The additional player makes it difficult to tell if the plays were made up or if phony routes were added to genuine plays to further the deception, as Pelissero noted on Twitter. Pelissero received confirmation from an NFL spokesman that there is no indication that any NFL club violated the rules of competition as a result of the viral recordings.