Cowboys LB Micah Parsons: Tom Brady wants to step on your throat like you a roach


Micah Parsons, a standout defense for the Dallas Cowboys, was just 18 months old when Tom Brady made his first career football catch. He doesn’t recall a period when TB12 didn’t rule the NFL. Parsons said what many in the NFL feel about Brady before the Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Week 1 game on Sunday night. Parsons remarked, “We’ve got to get him out of this league. He has dominated this league for far too long.” Parsons started his 2021 AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year campaign by dominating the Buccaneers last season (seven tackles, one quarterback hit, one pass deflection), but he was outplayed on a couple occasions by Brady, who showed him firsthand why he is the best. Brady has never lost in his career against the Cowboys (5-0 with NE, 1-0 with TB), making him the quarterback with the most victories against Dallas (Joe Montana, 5-0). Parsons claims that he has been rather dominating.