Cardinals remove Kyler Murray’s contract’s independent study clause


Regarding the contentious study addendum in quarterback Kyler Murray’s new contract, the Arizona Cardinals have called an audible. NFL Network reported Thursday night that the team had removed the obligatory “independent study” condition from Murray’s deal. The Cardinals released a statement explaining that they withdrew the addition from the contract after realizing how distracting it was. “It was obvious that it was interpreted in ways that weren’t meant. Nothing greater reflects our faith in Kyler Murray’s ability to lead this team than the dedication indicated in this deal. Our confidence in him is at an all-time high.” This week, Murray’s agreement has turned out to be another source of controversy after an eventful summer that preceded its negotiation. On Monday, Murray formally agreed to a $230.5 million contract extension that contained a clause requiring the quarterback to complete at least four hours of individual study each week. Even more explicit was the instruction that “he should personally watch the content.”