Brett Favre anticipates Davante Adams’ performance to decline


A fascinating subplot for the 2022 season is how wide receiver Davante Adams of the Raiders adjusts to playing in the NFL without Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback. Adams led the league in receiving yards and touchdowns over the previous five seasons, making the former Green Bay QB-WR combination one of historic proportions. Legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre anticipates a decline in Adams’ performance as he begins his next chapter with the Raiders in 2022 due entirely to his needing to get used to a new quarterback. “No offense intended to Davante. In my opinion, Davante will improve Derek Carr, and eventually the two of them will work well together. Will it be similar to the performance of Aaron and Davante? Time will tell” Favre said. Although he believes Derek Carr to be a competent quarterback, he may never be as good as Aaron Rodgers.