Brandon Staley: Jackson’s surgery was performed to treat discomfort rather than an ankle injury


Although J.C. Jackson’s ankle surgery will keep him out for two to four weeks, Chargers fans should relax: The goal of the procedure was not to treat a wound. Brandon Staley, the head coach of the Chargers, told reporters on Wednesday that Jackson’s treatment was done to ease discomfort rather than treat a real illness. The Chargers chose to operate and proceed without more issues rather than hope less drastic methods would solve the situation. When he decelerates occasionally, Staley explained, “it’s more of a comfort level. To do it now is much more important for his mental stability going ahead. He wanted to do it, and we encouraged him to do it.” Staley continued: “He attempted the rehab component of it and an injection, and he just felt that if we can finish this thing, he’ll be full speed and there won’t be any going back. And once more, I can’t stress this more, his ankle is not hurt.” How quickly he will be able to return to the field is unknown.