Beckham should return for the Super Bowl, according to Kupp


The Rams made major changes leading up to their Super Bowl LVI win, trading for quarterback Matthew Stafford in the offseason of 2021 and adding superstars Von Miller and Odell Beckham to an already loaded team in the middle of the season. Although the Rams have continued to make headlines in the aftermath of their title, such as signing longtime NFC West rival linebacker Bobby Wagner, most of the emphasis has been on reuniting the band. Last week, the Los Angeles Rams reworked defensive lineman Aaron Donald’s deal, making him the highest-paid non-quarterback in NFL history, and signed wide receiver Cooper Kupp to a three-year, $80 million agreement. Kupp now wants Beckham, his fellow wideout, to return as well. “We have a lot of conversations. I’d like to see him again”, said Kupp. “I’d want to see him play for the Los Angeles Rams. We’ll invite him back to help us win another Super Bowl. He was an amazing football player, a wonderful teammate, and a fantastic guy. He taught me a great deal. I desperately want him to return, but they’re still working out the details.” Kupp has yet to comment on this statement, but Beckham is committed to achieving his goal.