Baker Mayfield values a quarterback battle that is “very transparent”


In their ongoing competition for the starting quarterback position, Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold spent different days with the offense of the Carolina Panthers. In the padded session on Monday, Darnold worked primarily with the 1s, with Mayfield expected to take the reins on Tuesday. Mayfield expressed his appreciation for how open-minded coach Matt Rhule and the staff have been about how they would run the contest. According to Mayfield, everything has been very open and upfront, according to the team’s official website. “They are being quite clear about how they are addressing it. Sam doesn’t hear one thing when it’s being told to another person; it’s being said right in front of us, in a clear and crisp manner.” In the early days of training camp, it is not surprising that Rhule stated last week that he is not near to making a decision on a Week 1 starter. Mayfield will know the offense better the longer the fight lasts. Mayfield claims that he gets more at ease and has a better sense of direction each day.