As the trade deadline passes, the Texans decide not to trade Brandin Cooks


Although Brandin Cooks seemed to be headed for greatness, he is still playing for the Houston Texans. Despite trade negotiations, Cooks will stay with the Texans beyond Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline. Cooks’ name had been mentioned frequently as a potential transfer target before Tuesday, and based on a cryptic tweet he wrote just after the deadline passed, he does not appear to be happy about sticking with the 1-5-1 Texans. The wide receiver would have been dealt for a career-high fourth time if he had been traded. In NFL history, only running back Eric Dickerson, who is now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, has been moved four times. Cooks’ guaranteed salary for 2023 may have been a stumbling block in a deal. Cooks, whose guaranteed base pay for this season was $1.16 million, will earn a $18 million base salary in 2019.