Allen Robinson feels that Cooper Kupp and his adaptability is a huge asset


In order to help cover the vacuum at a reorganized receiver position, the Los Angeles Rams signed Allen Robinson during the offseason. Cooper Kupp and Josh Allen, two of the NFL’s greatest contested catchers, provide Sean McVay’s Rams offense a wide range of options with their ability to line up throughout the formation. Robinson recently said on the Jim Rome Show that Kupp and he are versatile enough to make defenders nervous. Robinson appears to be gearing up for a significant comeback season this year. “Right away, we were able to benefit from one another. Being able to simply sit down and chat football while watching, discussing various ways and taking in various viewpoints. The fact that the two of us are guys with broad-based versatility strikes me as being the most important factor. We both have a wide range of skills, which I believe provides us a distinct edge because neither of us can predict in the slightest as to how we would approach a certain idea.”