According to John Harbaugh, he talked to Lamar Jackson about the crude tweet


John Harbaugh, the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, told reporters that he met with Lamar Jackson to discuss the inflammatory and obscene tweet that the quarterback had deleted the day before and that was directed at a critic. “I just talk to these guys, and we talk a lot about football, but we also talk a bit about those things, like what the media is doing and stuff like that,” Harbaugh said. “Really simply pleading with guys not to enter Twitter immediately following the game, especially after a defeat. It won’t ever be a pleasant place, or even positively. Lamar’s response seemed to reflect that somewhat, given what he said was so out of character for him. He doesn’t talk like that. He doesn’t use language like that. He’s never said anything like that before, to my knowledge. Like us all, I’m sure he’s frustrated. You simply don’t want to be there right after a game. He knows that, I’m sure of it.”