Aaron Rodgers talks about loss to Jets


After another poor offensive performance that resulted in a 27-10 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday, alarms are going off in Green Bay. For the Packers offense moving ahead, Aaron Rodgers thinks there is a straightforward fix. After his team’s season record slipped to 3-3, he said, “Simpler. I will make some things simpler.” Early on, Rodgers found it difficult to establish any form of rhythm, and after eight first-half plays that featured two turnovers (fumble, downs), a failed field goal, and two fumbles, the Packers offense had only scored three points. Even though the score was tied at 3-3 at the break, no modifications were made to ease the offensive loads, and Green Bay’s attack made the defense’s task more difficult in the second period. The Packers were reduced to a predictable mess for the most of the game after managing only 60 running yards on the day, and the Jets took advantage by putting on a pass-rushing display. In the course of the game, Rodgers suffered four sacks and was constantly pressured as he tried to save his team by making the ideal throw on nearly every play.