Aaron Rodgers’ retirement influenced Adams’ decision to leave


The iconic QB-WR tandem of Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams was broken up by a blockbuster deal this summer, but there is no ill will between them. Despite Rodgers’ uncertain playing condition playing a factor in his departure from Green Bay, the newly acquired Raiders wide receiver says he still has a nice connection with his former teammate. “Oh, yes,” he said. We’ve spoken on the phone several times. We chatted throughout the process, too, and he knew where I stood and I knew where he stood,” Adams added. “We had similar conversations to what he said the other day. He added that we talked about his future and how long he believes he’ll be in Green Bay or in football in general, and that factored into my choice as well. I had ambitions to achieve greatness and be recognized, and it wasn’t a stage in my career that I was ready to risk Aaron’s absence after a year or two.” While Rodgers’ retirement was not the sole factor in Adams’ choice, it does appear to have had a role. Of course, his five-year, $141.25 million contract was also a significant impact.