Aaron Rodgers’ criticism is reacted to by the young Packers receivers


Davante Adams’ departure caused Aaron Rodgers to lose his safety net. He hasn’t had much luck at camp so far finding a new one. After practice on Tuesday, Rodgers expressed his displeasure with the Packers’ rookie wide outs, telling the media, “We’ve got to be far more consistent.” Coming from a quarterback of Aaron Rodgers’ quality and expertise, the annoyance is understandable. The only choice left to him is to vocally push his colleagues in the hopes that they will use it as inspiration to improve since he knows he doesn’t have enough time left in his career to wait for them to perform at the level of greatness he demands of his pass-catchers. On Wednesday, rookie receiver Samori Toure remarked, “It was just basically giving us guidance,” stating that the Green Bay receiving corps has always been held to a very high level. “Every legend that has passed through here. All that is required of us is that we uphold that standard”. Romeo Doubts agrees that this is a type of prodding.