Roger Goodell justifies the league’s choice in regards to Deshaun Watson

DSINFL Management

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, was given a one-year ban by the NFL on Tuesday. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also commented on the conclusions of a separate investigation into the Dolphins’ infractions of the integrity of the game. Watson violated the NFL’s personal-conduct rules many times, according to Goodell’s statement to the press. We’ve seen the proof, said Goodell. “About the evidence, discipline officer Sue L. Robinson was quite explicit. There were several serious infractions committed here, as well as predatory behavior. We have always believed that it is crucial for us to respond to such issues in a responsible manner.” Robinson suspended Watson for six games after finding that he had participated in “sexual assault; behavior that constitutes a true threat to another person’s safety and well-being; and conduct that undermines or jeopardizes the integrity of the NFL.” Robinson pointed out that the fact that they did not decide to impose a one-year suspension made the judgment equally fair.