The Ravens’ offense will feature ‘some new stuff’ according to quarterback Greg Roman


Greg Roman, the offensive coordinator, said on Wednesday that he had modified around 20% of the offense in preparation for the 2022 season. Roman commented on the team’s official website, “I went back and modified some things and added some things.” “There are definitely some things that we haven’t done before. There are also a number of things to which he has been accustomed. It’s probably 80% of what he already knows and 20% of what we’re looking for “to get to work on.” Players that participate in offseason exercises appear to have fresh things to learn. However, how successful those things will be is debatable. ‘Change’ makes a wonderful headline, but tweaking 20% of the offense isn’t enough to make a significant difference. Good offenses are continually adjusting and changing to accommodate new players, respond to what opponents threw at them the previous season, and predict what they could do in the future. So it’d be a problem if Roman didn’t make any adjustments to the offense throughout the summer.