Ron Rivera takes ‘mea culpa’ for Carson Wentz comments


Ron Rivera, the head coach of the Washington Commanders, has expressed regret for the controversy his comments about Carson Wentz on Monday caused. Tuesday morning’s Don Geronimo Show featured Rivera’s claim that he addressed the squad and spoke with Wentz about his remarks from the day before. “I wasn’t required to. Fortunately, our public relations director got in touch with him and informed him that, “said Rivera. “Additionally, I spoke with Carson this morning. In actuality, I spoke with the entire group. I realized my error and said, I should have known better. I partially caused a distraction, which is something I want to avoid doing and of which I am very aware. Once more, it’s one of those situations where when you make a mistake, people immediately jump to conclusions without giving you a chance to defend yourself. That’s on me, then. I ought to be wiser.”