He is one of the best three receivers in the NFL, according to Chase Claypool


Chase Claypool, a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, exudes confidence. Claypool outlined his goals for Year 3 in an interview with the I AM ATHLETE podcast. According to Claypool, “I’m going to say, in my second year, I was a better player than I was in my first year.” “The plays just weren’t successful, right? Some of the plays simply didn’t work out for me. Some plays I needed to make I didn’t make. But I was better as a football player because I knew the rules, what to do, and where to be. I’ll thus improve this year.” “And just like you stated, realizing I’m not typical, I experience those feelings on the field. I am certain that I am not like the other NFL players. I am a top-five receiver, I know that. I am a top-three receiver, I know that.” Claypool also stated that he is pursuing a goal of 1,300 yards and 10 plus touchdowns.