Pittsburgh Penguins Betting Options


Pittsburgh Penguins – Statistics, History, And Betting Options

The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of the most outstanding teams in the National Hockey League. This professional ice hockey team is based in Pittsburgh. Moreover, the team competes in the Metropolitan Division. Their home games take place at the famous PPG Paints Arena. Also, it has won several Stanley Cups and showcased the best players known to the sport. This team is known for its mascot, a penguin named Pete. This guide will interest you if you’re a fan of this team. It will highlight the Penguins’ history, notable players, rivalries, and statistics. Read on and learn how to bet on this team as well.

History Of Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins joined the NHL for the 1967 season. Its logo was a penguin next to a triangle, which stood for downtown Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle. Also, the name of the team was coined from the name of the civic arena the team would play in, “Igloo.” Sadly, the team failed to make any playoffs during the first season. However, it was not a waste of time because they had their first victory in 1967 against the Chicago Blackhawks. During the first decade of their entry, the Penguins worked hard but failed to win the Cup. Things got worse in 1983 and 1984 when the team recorded its worst losses ever. The team battled at the end of these two seasons but still lost six games. However, things changed for the Penguins when they drafted Mario Lemieux after the season. Lemieux started in the 1984 season and scored his first goal. Despite his efforts, the team failed to appear in playoff games. Finally, in 1989, they won 12 playoff games and two cups.

The visit to the White House

During the 1990 season, the Pittsburgh Penguins picked Jaromir Jags to play with Lemieux on the same line. Also, they added other great players, such as Mark Recchi, Bryan Trottier, and Larry Murphy. Others, such as Ron Francis, Joe Mullen, and Ulf Samuelsson, were also acquired. With an incredible lineup, the team won six games in 1991 and got the Stanley Cup. It led to their visit to the White House after the president, George Bush, invited them. The following season, things went downhill after this victory. It started with losing the team’s coach, Bob Johnson, to cancer. True enough, it was the beginning of their troubles. It was despite winning the match against the Blackhawks and the Stanley Cup. Lemieux was hit with a cancer diagnosis and had to miss 24 games. Nonetheless, he got an Art Ross Trophy for his performance. In the 1990s, the team struggled to get their third Stanley Cup. It continued into the 2000s. The team traded Jagr and didn’t make the playoffs, either. In 2005, the Penguins drafted Sidney Crosby and had a chance to get back into the game. By 2009, the team had returned to its former glory. It was when they won their third Stanley Cup after defeating the Detroit Red Wings.

Pittsburgh Penguins Statistics

The Penguins have won the Stanley Cup five times. It succeeded in 2008-2009, 1990-1991, 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 1991-1992. Aside from this prestigious award, the team has also won championships and trophies, which include the following:
  • Prince of Wales Trophy – 6 wins
  • Presidents’ Trophy – 1 win
  • Art Ross Trophy – 15 wins
  • Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy – 2 wins
  • Calder Memorial Trophy – 2 wins
  • Conn Smythe Trophy – 5 wins
  • Frank J. Selke Trophy – 1 win
  • Hart Memorial Trophy – 7 wins
  • Jack Adams Award – 1 win
  • James Norris Memorial Trophy – 1 win
  • General Manager of the Year – 2 wins
  • Lady Byng Memorial Trophy – 3 wins
  • Lester Patrick Trophy – 9 wins
  • Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy – 2 wins
  • Ted Lindsay Award – 10 wins
  • Mark Messier Leadership Award – 1 win

Pittsburgh Penguins Rivalries

This ice hockey team has had some exciting rivalries over the years. Notably, the Washington Capitals are on this list. The rivalry started between Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin in the 2005 -2006 season. Aside from these players, other factors, such as league realignment and questionable hits by the players, also helped worsen the rivalry. Next is the Philadelphia Flyers. This team was also one of those that joined the league in 1967. It sparked a cross-state rivalry, especially since the Flyers were considered bullies in the mid-70s. The Columbus Blue Jackets also have a bone to pick with the Pittsburgh Penguins. A short distance separated both teams, and a rivalry was bound to occur soon. The Blue Jackets’ rivalry started after the realignment in the 2013 -2014 season and still lingers today. Enter the New York Rangers, a rivalry from the Crosby era. However, most fans believe that it started even before Crosby. You can trace it to Lemieux and Adam Graves in 1992 when the latter broke the former’s hand. Next is the Detroit Red Wings. This rivalry can be traced to Marian Hosea and the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Red Wings won the Cup in 1992, and the Penguins didn’t take it lightly.

Pittsburgh Penguins’ Notable Players

The team has been around for a long time. At this time, it had several outstanding players. One great player was Kevin Stevens. Known as Artie, Stevens was an all-rounder. He scored goals, taunted opponents, and even made great passing plays. Next up is Jean Pronovost. This player was one of the greatest in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ history. He stayed on the team for more than ten years and helped the team gain relevance. Kris Letang is another player that comes to mind. Also, he is considered one of the best defensemen in the franchise’s history. He was known for his scoring prowess and defensive ability. Ron Francis was another Penguin gem. He was also an all-around player and helped the team win the Stanley Cup in 1991. Francis was also an outstanding playmaker and a good leader.

How to bet on Pittsburgh Penguins with BetDSI: NHL Betting Lines And Odds

BetDSI is an excellent platform to place bets on the Penguins. It offers a lot of NHL betting lines and odds options for bettors. To use this platform, create an account. After you’ve created an account, go to the NHL section to see what odds are available.

Placing your bet

Select the odds to bet on the Penguins and place your bet. However, ensure that you meet the wagering requirements. The following section will discuss these requirements in detail.

What are the minimum and maximum wagers allowed?

BetDSI, like other sportsbooks, has some restrictions on wagering. Bettors can only wager up to $20,000 maximum. However, if users prefer to increase this limit, they can contact the sportsbook to discuss it. Also, the minimum betting limit is $5 for online users. If you prefer to bet over the phone, your minimum wager will be $500.

NHL Minimum and Maximum wagers

The maximum wager for NHL specifically is $5,000. Also, it maintains a minimum bet of $5 or $500, depending on the channel for wagering.

How do I place a bet?

Placing a bet is easy on BetDSI. If you have an account, visit the sportsbook and find the type of bet you want. But if you do not, then sign up. Note that the odds depend on which games are available at the moment. So you can only bet on the available odds. We’ll go over the different types of Pittsburgh Penguins betting below.

How do I collect my winnings?

If you meet all the platform requirements and win some prizes, you can collect them easily. One option is to speak with the customer support team and request a withdrawal. It takes only a few minutes.

Online withdrawal

However, you can also get your money by using the website. Find the cashier section and choose the withdrawal option. Next, insert the amount to withdraw and complete the transaction. You will receive the funds in your account shortly after.

NHL Betting Types?

The NHL is diverse, and betting on it gives bettors flexibility. Each team plays 82 games, so there is much opportunity to gamble and make some profit. Here, you need not only bet on who will win a particular match.

Available betting types

There are many more options for individual games and the entire season. Some of them include the moneyline, props bets, totals bet, live betting, puck line, and grand salami. Check this in our betting site.

NHL Moneyline

The moneyline bet is the most common and easiest in the NHL. It is easy to see why. For one, you only need to choose the winner of the match. Bettors wager on the team’s victory and nothing more. This type of bet often includes an underdog and a favorite. Most bookmakers use positive odds to identify the underdog, while favorites have negative odds. For instance, in a match between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Capitals, -200 and +180 for both reveal the favorite and underdog. Also, this type of bet has the option of overtime when the teams tie after three periods.

NHL Game And Player Props

Game and player props are also quite common in the NHL betting scene. They are bets on other aspects of a game than just the results. Prop bets focus on performances or actions. In simple terms, if they are related to the game, they are game props and vice versa. Player props focus mainly on the statistical performance of a particular player or all the players on the team. Bets revolve around the goals, points, or assists of the player. In other cases, it may be a blend of all three elements. Some common player prop bets include predicting who will score a goal or yes or no props.

NHL Totals

The totals bet is a wager on the total number of goals the Pittsburgh Penguins will score in the game. You only need to predict the goals for the match. When bookmakers drop their predictions, you can be over or under the prediction. The closest prediction wins. Most sportsbooks set their totals between 5 and 6.5. However, the teams involved can influence how many odds to expect. If the team is known for scoring goals or defending, it will impact the odds. It is also important to note that bookmakers leave an opening for a third outcome where the goals do not fall under both categories.

NHL Live Betting

Live betting, or “in-game betting,” as it is called, involves betting while the game takes place. Since the game starts before betting, the odds here are dynamic. As the game develops, it will continue to change. The oddsmakers and bettors can change their bets as time passes. This type of bet allows bettors to predict other events in the game. It could be a corner prediction and does not affect the final results of the match.

NHL Puck Line

The puck line bet on the Pittsburgh Penguins is a spread bet. Bookmakers use this bet to allow bettors to back both teams since they have a chance to win. It allows bettors to wager on the favorites of the match as well as the underdog. This type of bet is profitable in ice hockey because you could win on both sides, depending on the circumstances.

NHL 60-Minute Line

This type of bet is similar to the moneyline bet discussed above. However, it focuses on the results of the three periods only. The potential outcomes in this type of bet include the victory of either of the teams or a tie. Also, it offers a high reward since there is a higher risk of overtime. It also runs the risk of ending in a tie. The bookmakers calculate the outcome after 60 minutes.

NHL Futures

Futures bets are long-term bets in most cases. They could involve betting on the team winning the Stanley Cup or any other tournament. These bets are always high, and bettors can win money if their predictions are correct. However, it may not be easy to predict, especially for a challenging game like hockey. Like some bets here, futures betting changes as the season unfolds.

NHL Grand Salami

The grand salami bet is like the totals wager above. It involves betting on different matches that take place on the same day. Bookmakers allow bettors to combine all bets on the matches of the day. It means that if there are around eight matches in the day and 5-6 goals, the total will be 40 to 50 goals on average. Betting on the Pittsburgh Penguins in the grand salami can also be rewarding, but it carries a high risk.