Seahawks vs Cowboys: NFL Week 13 Prediction


NFL Week 13 brings an exciting matchup as the Seattle Seahawks face off against the Dallas Cowboys. This article provides a prediction for this anticipated game, exploring the dynamics and key matchups that could determine the outcome. Check our Signup Page and start on betting.

Seattle Seahawks: Seeking an Upset

The Seahawks, known for their resilience, enter this game as potential underdogs but with a fighting spirit. Their quarterback’s ability to extend plays with his legs and make accurate throws on the move will be crucial. The Seahawks’ defense, though facing challenges this season, will need to step up against the Cowboys’ potent offense.

Dallas Cowboys: Aiming to Assert Dominance

The Cowboys come into this game with high expectations, boasting a well-rounded team. Their offense, led by their star quarterback and a talented group of receivers, has the capability to put up big numbers. The Cowboys’ defense, aggressive and fast, will look to disrupt the Seahawks’ offensive rhythm.

Key Matchups and Strategies

A key matchup to watch is the Cowboys’ pass rush against the Seahawks’ offensive line. The Seahawks will need to provide their quarterback with enough protection to execute their game plan. Another crucial aspect will be how the Cowboys’ secondary handles the Seahawks’ receivers.

Game Prediction

While the Cowboys are likely favored, the Seahawks have the potential to make this a close and competitive game. The outcome could hinge on turnovers and the effectiveness of each team’s red-zone offense.


The Seahawks vs Cowboys in NFL Week 13 is more than just a regular season game; it’s a clash of two teams with playoff aspirations. With strategic depth, key player matchups, and the potential for high-scoring plays, this game promises to be a highlight of the week in the NFL.