Ole Miss vs Mississippi State: A Heated NCAAF Rivalry Prediction

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One of college football’s most intense rivalries takes center stage as Ole Miss faces off against Mississippi State. This article offers predictions and insights into a matchup that is always circled on the NCAAF calendar. Check our Signup Page and begin betting.

Ole Miss: A Balanced Offensive Force

Ole Miss enters the game with a well-balanced offensive attack. Their quarterback has been efficient all season, combining a strong arm with the ability to make plays on the run. The team’s diverse running game, featuring a mix of power and speed, poses a significant challenge for any defense.

Mississippi State: Defensive Tenacity

Mississippi State counters with a stout defense known for its tenacity and ability to disrupt opponents’ game plans. Their defensive line, aggressive and skilled, will be key in containing Ole Miss’s potent offense. Offensively, they rely on a methodical approach, focusing on time of possession and limiting mistakes.

Prediction: A Close Contest

This game is expected to be tightly contested. Ole Miss’s offensive versatility against Mississippi State’s defensive prowess makes for an intriguing matchup. The game could hinge on turnovers and which team is able to capitalize on scoring opportunities.

Key Factors and Players

Key factors include Ole Miss’s ability to execute in the red zone and Mississippi State’s efficiency on third down. Players to watch include Ole Miss’s running back, whose performance could be a game-changer, and Mississippi State’s linebacker, who will be crucial in run defense and pass coverage.


The Ole Miss vs Mississippi State game is more than just a regular NCAAF matchup; it’s a fierce rivalry with a rich history. It promises to be a battle of strategy, skill, and willpower. Fans can expect a game filled with passion, big plays, and moments that could define the season for both teams.