BKB 9 Odds and Preview

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BKB 9 takes place from the O2 in London on Saturday, January 13, 2018, with 11 fights and three world titles on the line. The action begins at 2 p.m. ET. The headline fight has former UFC veteran Chris Lytle taking on Lewis Gallant. Other feature bouts are Michael Terrill vs. Josh Burns and Eric Olsen vs. Scott Midgley. Let’s look at the card, the latest odds from BetDSI.eu and BKB picks on those three fights.

BKB 9 Odds at BetDSI Sportsbook

Chris Lytle -200 Lewis Gallant +160 Lytle was 31-18-5 in his MMA career, and he is 13-1-1 in his boxing career. This will be his BKB debut. Gallant is 3-2 in BKB. BKB Pick: Lytle was known as “Lights Out” in his MMA career, and he should have the power to overwhelm Gallant in this fight. Michael Terrill -180 Josh Burns +150 Terrill is unbeaten at 5-0 in BKB and he was 29-4 in his kickboxing career. Burns is 3-1 in BKB. He was 8-10 in his MMA career. BKB Pick: Burns is just a beast and extremely difficult to finish. He should pound out the win over Terrill in his fight. Eric Olsen -175 Scott Midgley +145 Olsen is 2-3 in BKB while Midgley is 6-6. BKB Pick: This should be an all-out bloody brawl that eventually goes to Midgley.

BKB 9 Odds via BetDSI.eu

  • Jonny Lawson -120, Tony Lafferty -110
  • Louis Pow -190, Luca Bergers +150
  • Mickey Parker -115, Tom Ward -115
  • Trevor Soko -145, Sean Donnelly +115
  • James Lilley -150, Anthony Lee +120
  • Martin Thorne -120, Haroon Khan -110
  • Melvin Guillard vs. Monterio Eugenio
  • Sean George vs. Liam Cullen

Bare Knuckle Boxing

You may not be familiar with Bare Knuckle Boxing, but it has made a comeback in the UK. This will be the ninth card for BKB and more and more marquee fighters are traveling to get in on the action. BKB is reported to be the only licensed bare knuckle boxing company, and despite what you might think, it is actually safer than other fighting sports like boxing and MMA. “In mixed martial arts, you can do flying knees and elbows,” said Jim Freeman, BKB partner to ESPN. “And in gloved boxing, a fighter’s brain might be rattling around inside his skull for 12 rounds. But nobody has ever been seriously injured in one of our shows.” At all of the BKB events, a doctor has to check on the fighters between every round and he has the power to call the fight off. Those who back bare knuckle boxing say that it is a safer sport than gloved boxing because the fighters don’t take as many shots to the head. There is also no doubt that BKB is far more on the up and up than gloved boxing with its “questionable” judging. “In gloved boxing, you know you’ve won a fight, but they’ll award the decision to the home fighter because he’s a prospect or a ticket-seller,” BKB fighter Stuart Maddox told ESPN. “In BKB, everything’s 50-50. There’s never anyone complaining about dodgy decisions. That’s one of the reasons you’re getting a lot of gloved boxers coming over.” Some of the big names coming over to fight in BKB include Lytle, Guillard and Lucas Bergers, who is an Italian kickboxer. Josh Burns is a former amateur boxer and MMA fighter who wanted to be one of the first Americans to fight in BKB. “I wanted to be one of the first Americans to come over here and mix it up with the Brits at their own game,” Burns said. “BKB is breaking new ground, and I want to be able to say that I was there at the beginning, part of something that became big.” The action on BKB cards is full of knockouts, decisions and blood. Check out the latest BKB 9 odds at BetDSI Sportsbook.