NBA Playoffs: Boston vs. Cleveland – Game 3 Boston Leads


The “Celtics vs Cavaliers Game 3” in the NBA playoffs sees the Boston Celtics leading 3-0 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. As Boston aims to close out the series, the Cavaliers are fighting to stay alive.

Series Recap

  • Boston Celtics: The Celtics have been dominant, with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown leading the charge. Their balanced attack and strong defense have been key to their success.
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: Despite strong efforts from Collin Sexton and Darius Garland, the Cavaliers have struggled to contain the Celtics’ momentum.

Key Highlights

  • Tatum’s Dominance: Jayson Tatum’s scoring and defensive prowess have been instrumental. His leadership on the court has kept the Celtics ahead.
  • Bench Contributions: Boston’s bench has provided crucial support, with players like Marcus Smart stepping up in key moments.

What to Expect Next As the “Celtics vs Cavaliers Game 3” approaches, fans can expect high-stakes basketball. Boston will look to sweep the series, while Cleveland aims to extend their playoff run.

Conclusion The Boston Celtics’ commanding lead sets the stage for an intense Game 3. Basketball fans can look forward to a matchup filled with drama and high-level play.