Georgia vs Ohio State: NIT Quarterfinal Showdown

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The NIT Quarterfinals bring us an exciting showdown between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Ohio State Buckeyes. This Georgia Ohio State NIT game promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams looking to make a statement and advance to the next round. Be sure to check our Signup Page and get started on betting.

Georgia’s Approach

The Bulldogs have leaned on their aggressive playstyle, pushing the pace and looking to score in transition. Sahvir Wheeler’s leadership and playmaking have been instrumental, and his matchup against Ohio State’s defense will be crucial. Georgia’s ability to maintain intensity and efficiency, especially from their role players, could be a game-changer.

Ohio State’s Strategy

The Buckeyes have had a season marked by strong defensive performances and balanced scoring. E.J. Liddell has been the cornerstone, providing not just points but also leadership on the floor. Ohio State’s ability to slow down Georgia’s offense and control the game’s rhythm through their methodical offense will be key.

Tactical Analysis

  • Defensive Matchups: Ohio State’s defense against Georgia’s fast-paced offense is the matchup to watch. The Buckeyes’ discipline will be tested against the Bulldogs’ speed.
  • Key Contributors: Beyond the stars, the game may hinge on the contributions from each team’s bench. Players stepping up in crucial moments could tip the scales.

Players to Keep an Eye On

  • Sahvir Wheeler (Georgia): Wheeler’s dynamic play could spark Georgia’s offense, making his performance pivotal.
  • E.J. Liddell (Ohio State): Liddell’s all-around game will be crucial for the Buckeyes on both ends of the floor.


This matchup is poised to be a clash of contrasting styles, with Georgia’s speed up against Ohio State’s balanced approach. Given Ohio State’s robust defense and ability to execute in critical moments, they might hold a slight advantage. However, Georgia’s quick-strike ability and relentless effort could make this game closer than anticipated, promising an exciting NIT Quarterfinal.