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You can bet on more than just sports at BetDSI Sportsbook as odds are available on a number of contests and events. Whether it is a contest like Miss Universe or a television show like American Idol or Dancing With the Stars, odds will be available before the events take place. You can wager on who you think will win a contest and watch the action on television.

Dancing With The Stars Season 20

When: March 16th, 2015 (Start Date)

Where: Hollywood California

Dancing With The Stars first hit North American shores in the summer of 2005, and it is an offshoot of Strictly Come Dancing from British television. Every year since 2005 has featured two “seasons” per year, usually in the spring and the fall, and the format is simple: a celebrity is paired with a professional dancer, and the two have to navigate a variety of dancing styles successfully all the way to the end. Continue