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Betting on soccer at Diamond Sportsbook offers its members a wide array of options to take advantage of on a daily basis, including leagues and competitions taking place all around the globe, which makes soccer one of the sports that run year- round. Whether you follow the most recognizable leagues in Europe, such as Spain's La Liga, English Premier, or Italian Serie A, or favor the international competitions, such as the World Cup, there are many types of bets to make for the casual fan or the best of handicappers. The most familiar type of action offered in soccer is known as the 3- Way line, in which bettors can place bets on either team to win the match, while having the option to also play a draw.

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For example, on any given match you will see odds offered on three types of outcomes that reflect the final score after 90 minutes, hence the term 3- Way line (including any additional time added for injury stoppages). Let's use the recent lines from the Champions League final with Barcelona and Juventus, as it appeared on the BetDSI Soccer betting options. Juventus was listed as the home side, and Barcelona as the away side. The 3- Way lines offered were listed as follows:

Juventus + 595

Barcelona - 190

Draw + 320

Barcelona entered the match as the heavy favorites, listed at - 190. A $100 bet on the Spanish side would mean that Barcelona would have to win the match and, if they do, you would receive $52.63 in winnings. Juventus entered the match as the significant underdog, listed at + 595. A $100 bet on the Italian side, would mean they would have to win the match for you to receive $595 in winnings. The Draw listed at + 320 would mean that the score after 90 minutes would have to be tied, and a $100 bet would see $320 in winnings.

As a 3- Way line bet, there is no variation on what result you would need to cash your bet. Bettors can put action on Juventus to win, Barcelona to win, or the Draw, and that would be the result you would need to happen to cash your ticket.

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The betting options do not stop there, as there are numerous types of handicaps and prop bets, offered for each and every match around the world. The most recognizable betting options in soccer come in the form of the handicap, and total. Explaining all the different types of handicap options is an article in itself, but let's at least give a few examples of bets most commonly seen at BetDSI.

Betting with a PK option, is one of the most common offers utilized by experienced bettors. The PK, otherwise known as a Draw no Bet offer, is exactly how it appears. If you choose a team with a PK option and the match ends in a draw, it will be treated as a voided bet, or push, and your staked bet will simply be refunded with nothing won or lost. The - 0.5 - 0.5 handicap line is also a common bet in soccer. The - 0.5 offer, is most often the same price as the 3- Way line on the favored team. Commonly, if a team is, say, - 150 on the 3- Way line to win, the - 0.5 handicap will generally be - 150 as well. The + 0.5 handicap on the underdog, is usually where there is a semblance of value. If the - 0.5 is - 150, the + 0.5 is usually close to + 130, which means that if you place a $100 on the + 0.5, you would see $130 in winnings. The attraction to that bet comes in the form of having two results in the bettors favor. With a + 0.5 handicap bet made, the team chosen can either win or draw the match to cash the ticket.

Many people who are new to soccer betting see a handicap line of - 0.5 and - 1 or + 0.5 and + 1 and wonder what that means. It is essentially a split bet, and you are putting your money on both of the 0.5 and 1 lines offered, solely reflecting the return of investment.

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With a - 0.5 and - 1 bet made, if the team chosen wins by one goal, the bettor would cash the - 0.5 option, but the - 1 will be listed as a push. The bettor would only receive half of the winnings, and if a $100 bet was made on the action on a + 100 line, the player would receive their original bet back, and win half of their bet, receiving $50 in winnings. If the team were to draw, the entire bet would be lost. In the case of a + 0.5 and + 1 handicap bet made, if the team chosen loses by one goal, the bettor would lose the + 0.5 option, but push the + 1 action. This would result in a half- loss scenario, and if a $100 bet was made on a + 100 line, the player would only receive $50 back, and none of their original staked action. The lines on the action will reflect the return as well, so players need to be aware of the prices offered, pertaining to how much of their bet will be half lost or half won.

The handicap lines also effect the totals for any given match. The most common total offered is Over - Under 2.5, and there are many variations and handicap lines on the action as well, such as 2 and 2.5, or 2.5 and 3 offers. The same rules apply on the totals, as it does the sides, and the half win, half loss scenarios are in place in those cases. Explaining the Over - Under 2.5 is as obvious as it seems. Three goals in any combination in a match will cash an Over 2.5, and a 1 - 1, 1 - 0, or 0 - 0 score line will cash the Under. Which team wins or loses has no reflection on the total, and whomever does the scoring does not matter when playing totals.

There are hundreds of different types of options for prop bets offered in soccer. Selecting certain players to score, or both teams to score, is a common offer, but the list is entirely too large to list them all. There are first and second half props, as well as team totals, time of the goals scored, odd/even final score options, as well as futures betting in leagues and tournaments.

Futures betting is simply predicting who will win their leagues or certain competitions, and is a common bet among soccer fans. Before every event or season, bettors can pick their favorite team to win their respective leagues, or take their best shot at who will win a certain competition, such as Champions League or the World Cup, for example. Soccer is played all over the world, and it is simply known as the beautiful game. There are thousands of leagues and competitions being played from Afghanistan to Zurich, and BetDSI is one of only seven sportsbooks on planet Earth, given an A+ rating on the Sports Book Review.

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