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Soccer betting at BetDSI sportsbook gives you a lot of different options to consider every day. Whether it is wagering on a side, a total, the draw, props, futures or other things, there is a lot of great choices when it comes to betting on soccer.The most common way to bet on soccer is with the three-way line. This is where you have each team listed along with the draw and the total. Let’s look at an example from the Spain La Liga.

Bet on Soccer at BetDSI

Real Madrid -133

FC Barcelona +335

Draw +240

Total 2.5

In this example, if you took Real Madrid you would bet $133 for every $100 dollars you bet or the 13.3/10 equivalent. If you wanted to bet on Barcelona you would get $335 for every $100 wagered or the 33.5/10 equivalent if Barcelona got the win. If you wanted to bet the draw then your return would be $240 for every $100 dollars you bet or the 24/10 equivalent.

Keep in mind that with three-way betting that the draw bet is a loser if either team wins and if the game is a draw then the bets made on Real and Barcelona would be losers. The total at 2.5 is the amount of goals that will be scored in the match and you can choose to take the over or the under at the normal 11/10.

In addition to the three-way line you also have the straight money line. In the previous example it might be Real -250 and Barcelona +200. You may also see have teams laying 1.5 goals in soccer betting and this is really common on matches where the line is higher than -300.

Bet on Soccer at BetDSI

Futures and Props

With soccer betting there are a lot of futures and props on the board on a regular basis. Whether it is betting on a team to win their league, taking a team to win a tournament or betting on props like which team will score first, etc., there are some great choices in soccer betting at BetDSI sportsbook. EPL, Champions League, Europe League, MLS and More

When it comes to betting on soccer at BetDSI sportsbook there are a lot of leagues to consider.

There is the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, MLS, and numerous tournaments including the Champions League, Europa League and more.

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