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BetDSI sportsbook has a number of options to consider when you bet on NASCAR each week. The two most popular options are betting on a driver to win the race and the individual head-to-head race matchups. Here is a look at both of those options and some other NASCAR betting choices available at BetDSI sportsbook.


Odds to Win the Race

One of the most exciting options when you bet on NASCAR is to pick a driver to win the race. You get some attractive odds each week on the drivers ranging anywhere from 5-1 to 100-1.

Drivers like Jimmie Johnson or Kyle Busch will have low odds while some of the other drivers will be listed at double-digit odds. You can bet on one driver to win the race or you can make multiple bets and take many drivers as you hope to pick the winner.

Head-to-Head Matchups

This option has gotten more popular in recent years since you only need your driver to beat the other driver in terms of the finish to win the wager. This bet is a money line wager where you normally have one driver favored at about -140 and the other one at even money. You can bet multiple driver matchups each week at the sportsbook.

Bet on NASCAR at BetDSI

Top 3 and Top 5 Finish

If you are not quite as confident of the win for a driver you pick then you might want to take the safer option of betting the driver will finish in the top 3 or top 5. The odds won’t be as long but your chances of winning will be better.


With many of the NASCAR races you can bet on props like how many cautions there will be, number of drivers to lead the race, etc.

Sprint Cup

Before the NASCAR season begins and sometimes during the season you will see odds posted on drivers to win the Sprint Cup Championship. These odds will range anywhere from 3-1 to 100-1 or more depending upon the driver.

Bet on NASCAR at BetDSI


Not to be forgotten when it comes to NASCAR betting is the Xfinity Series where you can bet on drivers to win races each week. Most of the time the races in the Xfinity Series are on Saturday so you have an additional option when it comes to betting on NASCAR at BetDSI sportsbook each week.

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