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When it comes to betting on golf at Diamond sportsbook there are a lot of great options. You can bet on a golfer to win a tournament, you can bet head-to-head matchups and you can also bet golf futures.  There are two main golf tours that pretty much coincide so you have PGA Tour and European Tour events to choose from each week. The PGA Tour season has a wraparound schedule so the new season actually begins in October of one calendar year and concludes in September of the following year.

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There is no real off-season on the PGA Tour with tournaments scheduled every month.  The European Tour schedule begins in late December of one calendar year and then concludes in November of the following year.

Odds to Win Tournaments

The first main option when you bet on golf is to pick a golfer to win a tournament. This can be exciting as you are trying to pick the winner of a tournament that has more than 100 players in it.  The option to bet on a golfer to win a tournament is available for all of the PGA Tour and European Tour events at Diamond sportsbook. You will have golf odds on someone like Rory McIlroy that are low at perhaps 3-1 while most of the other players in the field are listed at 10-1 and higher. You will oftentimes see odds on some very good players at 30-1 or more and it is not uncommon to see good players listed at 50-1 or even 100-1 in major events with strong fields. It is really exciting to pick the golf winner at those types of odds and for the most part you will get that type of return every week when you pick the winner.

Golf Matchups

There is no doubt that it is not always easy to pick the winner of a golf tournament with so many players entered so some gamblers prefer to bet the matchups. This is where you are betting on golfer to finish ahead of another.

For example, you might have a matchup like this:

Bubba Watson +160

Rory McIlroy -200

In this example you are risking $200 for every $100 you want to win on McIlroy while you get $160 dollars for every $100 you risk on Watson. You can risk any amount you want on the wager at the respective equivalents. Diamond sportsbook will put up a variety of matchups each week with golfers of relative skill matched up against one another.

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There will also be golf futures on the board for the major golf tournaments like the Masters where you can pick the winner of the tournament months before the tournament actually takes place. Masters odds get the most action from bettors as they are on the board at the sportsbook many months in advance. You may also see some other options in golf futures such as how many majors will Rory McIlroy win, etc.

Golf Handicapping

Golf betting is done in two main areas.  You have the choice of betting a player to win a tournament or you can wager on the golf betting matchups.  The first thing to look at each week is how have the golfers done at this particular tournament in the past?  You want to select a golfer that has had good success at this week’s event. If you are looking at the matchup then it also helps to have a golfer that has had success at the tournament matched up against someone who has struggled at the event.   Keep in mind that getting double-digits in terms of golf betting odds is really a must if you are going to pick a golfer to win a tournament, unless you are going with McIlroy.

Another handicapping factor to consider is the course.  Is it a long course or a short course?  Does it favor scoring or will length come into play?  Are there a lot of bunkers and is the rough deep?  These are handicapping factors to consider as you bet golf each week.  You can get a wide variety of statistics at the PGA Tour website and they will point out to you players that thrive on short courses, players that putt well, etc.  If the course is long then you want a player that is doing well in driving distance. 

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PGA and European Tour Events

Not only can you bet on the PGA Tour events each week, you can also bet on the European Tour events. In most weeks that gives you two different golf tournaments to consider with your golf betting at Diamond sportsbook. There will be odds on the board for golfers to win on both tours and there will be head-to-head matchups available for the PGA Tour events.

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