Betting on Boxing

Boxing BettingThere are a lot of options for betting on boxing at BetDSI sportsbook. Whether you want to bet on a fighter to win, bet the rounds or bet on some of the props, you can do it all at BetDSI.

Boxing Odds

The first main option when you bet on boxing is betting a fighter to win. This is a simple money line wager that has one fighter favored against another. For example, you might have a boxer listed at -400 to win a fight while the underdog was +300.

This option would have you risking 4-1 on the favorite and getting 3-1 on the underdog. You could risk any amount of money on that wager within the limits at the sportsbook.

The next option involves the rounds. Usually the oddsmakers will set a round proposition bet that is anywhere from a few rounds all the way up to 11.5. The odds are based upon how the fight is expected to go.

This is also a money line wager. You might have a rounds option at 11.5 with the over listed at -200. In that case you would be risking 2-1 on the fight going over the rounds total and getting back something like +160 on the under.

Another choice you will see sometimes as you bet on boxing is how the fight will end. Will a fighter win by knockout or by decision? Let’s look at an example.

Boxer A by decision 3-1

Boxer A by knockout 2-1

Boxer B by decision 5-1

Boxer B by knockout 7-1

These boxing props are oftentimes offered on the marquee fights that you see on pay-per-view or on television networks like NBC. You may also find that in marquee fights you will have odds on what round the fight will end in. This option is usually only available on marquee fights that get a lot of attention.

There are normally marquee boxing events that take place on a regular basis.

Boxing odds will be available at BetDSI sportsbook well in advance with the marquee fights and with some of the other fights you will have odds on the board the week of the fight. Take a look at the many different options you have when you bet on boxing.