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You can bet on more than just sports at Diamond sportsbook as odds are available on a number of contests and events.  Whether it is a contest like Miss Universe or a television show like American Idol or Dancing With the Stars, odds will be available before the events take place.  You can wager on who you think will win a contest and watch the action on television.

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The wagering is not limited to events either as other things are on the board in Entertainment betting including the World Series of Poker, political elections, opening numbers for big movies, etc.

Miss Universe and Miss USA

If you want a lot of value in Entertainment betting, then be sure to take a look at the Miss Universe or Miss USA odds.  You can get double-digit odds on most of the contestants and with a beauty pageant the results can be unpredictable. The Miss Universe pageant normally takes place each January while the Miss USA pageant takes place in June.

American Idol, X-Factor, The Voice and Dancing With the Stars

There are four big TV shows that get a lot of action in Entertainment betting although American Idol and Dancing With the Stars get most of the action.  You can bet on who you think will win American Idol, X-Factor, The Voice and Dancing With the Stars with odds posted before the event begins and then you can also bet the event after each week as the odds are updated after each week’s eliminations.

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Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Music Awards

The biggest of the awards shows is the Oscars and it gets the bulk of the attention from the public.  You can bet on all of the major categories like Best Actor, Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, etc. for both the Academy Awards and the Oscars.  Before the Academy Awards are the Golden Globes which are announced in January of each year.  Some of the major music award shows like the Grammy’s will also be on the board at Diamond sportsbook.

World Series of Poker

You can bet each year on who you think will win the World Series of Poker.  Odds on this event normally don’t come out until after the November Nine has been determined.  Poker can be unpredictable so you can get some really good value on WSOP odds at the sportsbook.

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There are a number of big movies each year and with some of them you will see odds on how big the opening weekend will be.  For example, you might see odds on how big the opening of the Hunger Games sequel will be or how big the Captain America sequel will be.


You will see odds on the Presidential election in the United States every four years and you can bet on who you think will win.  Odds are also available every two years on some of the U.S. Senate and House races.

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