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One of the longest of the sports betting seasons is baseball as the MLB season begins in April and runs through October. There are a lot of options at Diamond Sportsbook to consider when you bet on baseball. From sides and totals to run lines and props, baseball betting has some great options. Continue

MLB - FUTURES - Apr 02 

Odds to win 2017 - World Series

14001Arizona Diamondbacks+9000
14002Atlanta Braves+13500
14003Baltimore Orioles+3315
14004Boston Red Sox+550
14005Chicago Cubs+397
14006Chicago White Sox+12000
14007Cincinnati Reds+24500
14008Cleveland Indians+794
14009Colorado Rockies+4122
14010Detroit Tigers+4019
14011Houston Astros+1264
14012Kansas City Royals+4300
14013Los Angeles Angels+4640
14014Los Angeles Dodgers+792
14015Miami Marlins+12500
14016Milwaukee Brewers+23000
14017Minnesota Twins+15500
14018New York Mets+1330
14019New York Yankees+2797
14020Oakland Athletics+19000
14021Philadelphia Phillies+18500
14022Pittsburgh Pirates+4300
14023Saint Louis Cardinals+2797
14024San Diego Padres+25500
14025San Francisco Giants+1325
14026Seattle Mariners+2906
14027Tampa Bay Rays+11000
14028Texas Rangers+1949
14029Toronto Blue Jays+2426
14030Washington Nationals+1122

Odds to win 2017 - American League Pennant

14101Baltimore Orioles+1623
14102Boston Red Sox+290
14103Chicago White Sox+5600
14104Cleveland Indians+366
14105Detroit Tigers+2097
14106Houston Astros+496
14107Kansas City Royals+2219
14108Los Angeles Angels+2907
14109Minnesota Twins+7500
14110New York Yankees+1389
14111Oakland Athletics+4721
14112Seattle Mariners+1404
14113Tampa Bay Rays+4576
14114Texas Rangers+970
14115Toronto Blue Jays+1165

Odds to win 2017 - National League Pennant

14117Arizona Diamondbacks+4500
14118Atlanta Braves+6500
14119Chicago Cubs+198
14120Cincinnati Reds+13000
14121Colorado Rockies+2382
14122Los Angeles Dodgers+376
14123Miami Marlins+4114
14124Milwaukee Brewers+11000
14125New York Mets+704
14126Philadelphia Phillies+9500
14127Pittsburgh Pirates+2368
14128Saint Louis Cardinals+1459
14129San Diego Padres+11000
14130San Francisco Giants+662
14131Washington Nationals+561

MLB - FUTURES - Oct 01 

Odds to win 2017 - A.L. East Division

14201Baltimore Orioles+785
14202Boston Red Sox-142
14203New York Yankees+600
14204Tampa Bay Rays+1050
14205Toronto Blue Jays+375

Odds to win 2017 - A.L. Central Division

14211Chicago White Sox+5500
14212Cleveland Indians-485
14213Detroit Tigers+475
14214Kansas City Royals+1100
14215Minnesota Twins+2700

Odds to win 2017 - A.L. West Division

14221Houston Astros-113
14222Los Angeles Angels+1289
14223Oakland Athletics+3219
14224Seattle Mariners+283
14225Texas Rangers+303

Odds to win 2017 - N.L. East Division

14231Atlanta Braves+4354
14232Miami Marlins+1701
14233New York Mets+153
14234Philadelphia Phillies+2350
14235Washington Nationals-168

Odds to win 2017 - N.L. Central Division

14241Chicago Cubs-650
14242Cincinnati Reds+8500
14243Milwaukee Brewers+6000
14244Pittsburgh Pirates+865
14245Saint Louis Cardinals+575

Odds to win 2017 - N.L. West Division

14251Arizona Diamondbacks+1400
14252Colorado Rockies+1100
14253Los Angeles Dodgers-204
14254San Diego Padres+10000
14255San Francisco Giants+222