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The X-Games came onto the scene in 1995, but it seems like it has been around forever. The X stands for extreme, and ESPN looked to cash in on the growing excitement around skateboarding and BMX cycling and other events that were not thought of as sports until the last decade. The X-Games are known more as a “hip” event with rock bands playing, along with DJs and it is also a mostly green event as there is tons of recycling done on site. In 1999, The X-Games became the first sporting event to be broadcasted in full on the Internet, so it is an event that embraces modern times and the popularity of the X-Games is a huge reason why you could see skateboarding at the Olympics much sooner than you think.

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Winter Games

Event: 2017 X-Games Aspen

Date: January 26-29, 2017

Location: Aspen, Colorado

Summer Games

Event: 2017 X-Games Minneapolis

Date: July 13-16, 2017

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

While the X-Games started in the summer of 1995, the Winter X-Games kicked off in 1997 as snowboarding became more mainstream. Both have been held in the United States since its inception, but now there is also an X-Games Asia, Europe and South America as well. You can find all of the events on ESPN and their entire family of channels, of course, as well as ABC and NET (News and Entertainment Television, a TV station in India).

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How To Bet On X-Games

Betting on the X-Games is similar to wagering on the Olympics in that it is broken up into categories. In each event, you’ll see an option that is priced using the common American odds, which is also known as basic moneylines. You could see an athlete like Shaun White posted at +350 to win an event like halfpipe and that means that if you bet on White and he wins, you would win $350 from your $100 bet. Of course, you don’t have to bet exactly $100. That’s just the basic ratio set up so that everyone can understand.

Also, you might see an athlete valued at -350, which means you would have to bet $350 to win $100. The plus sign denotes the underdog while the minus sign denotes the favorite. When you’re betting the favorite, you bet the amount next to the minus sign – in this case, $350 – to win $100. When you’re betting the favorite, you win the amount next to the plus sign when you bet $100. In the aforementioned case, you’d win $350 with White.

That’s the basics of the Winter X-Games betting odds. You also might find some props for certain athletes as well, for example, the number of medals that Shaun White will win at the Winter X-Games. In that case, you would see an over/under with a set number from the sportsbook and you bet on whether he’ll win more or less than that amount.

You might also find head-to-head matchups where you can bet on who will place better in a specific event.

Bet on the X Games at BetDSI

List of Events

Category Event
Moto X Speed & Style
Best Whip
Women’s Endurocross
Step Up
Adaptive Racing
Women’s Racing
Mountain Bike Slopestyle
Rally & Off-Road Truck Rallycross Lites
Rallycross SuperCar
Gymkhana Grid
Stadium Super Tricks
Skateboarding Skateboard Vert
Skateboard Park
Women’s Park
Street League Skateboarding
SLS Select Series
Women’s Street
Skateboard Big Air
BMX Dirt
Big Air
Real Video Series Real Surf
Real Women
Real Street
Real Snow Backcountry
Red Bull Phenom Mountain Bike Slopestyle
Skateboard Street
BMX Street
Esports MLG Call of Duty X Games Championship
MLG Counter Strike: Global Offensive X-Games Championship
Skiing Ski Big Air
Men’s Ski Slopestyle
Women’s Ski Slopestyle
Men’s Ski Superpipe
Women’s Ski Superpipe
Snowboarding Snowboard Big Air
Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle
Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle
Men’s Snowboard Superpipe
Women’s Snowboard Superpipe
Men’s Snowboard X
Women’s Snowboard X
Snowmobile Freestyle
Speed and Style
Snocross Adaptive
Real Video Series Real Snow
Real Ski Backcountry

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