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Did you know that you can bet on tennis all year long?  There are tennis betting odds on the board at BetDSI sportsbook throughout the year. The ATP and WTA Tours have events beginning in January and concluding in November.  Whether it is the Australian Open, French Open, U.S. Open, Wimbledon or one of the many other weekly tournaments, there are tennis betting odds on the board throughout the year at the online sportsbook.  The tennis betting lines are on the board beginning with the first round of each tournament and continuing through the final.

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Tennis Betting Odds

There are two main options when it comes to tennis betting.  You can bet a player to win a tournament before it begins or you can bet on a player to defeat another player in a particular match. Tennis betting odds for the matches is where most gamblers concentrate their wagering.  Tennis betting odds are similar in some respects to baseball odds.

The public likes to bet the favorite so if a player like Novak Djokovic or Serena Williams is a favorite then the odds will likely go higher. Because just like baseball, there is no pointspread so if the player wins it doesn’t matter how high the money line, you still get paid. And the best players usually win in tennis. Sometimes in certain situations you can find value going against big name players but you need to pick your spots carefully. Tennis is a one on one sport and for the most part the better player usually wins.

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The goal is to find the better player that is favored at a reasonable price. Once in a while taking a shot at tennis betting underdogs is not a bad bet but you need to choose good situations.  Early rounds of the four Grand Slam events are excellent times to look at taking underdogs.  When Wimbledon rolls around it is often worth taking a chance on a nice underdog.

Novak Djokovic -160

Rafael Nadal +140

Tennis betting odds are easy to understand as they are listed in terms of money lines.  For example, you might have Novak Djokovic listed as a -160 favorite against Rafael Nadal.  In this example you would be laying $160 for every $100 you wanted to win on Djokovic or the 16/10 equivalent.  The return on Nadal might be +140 or so.  That means you would risk $100 and win $140 if Nadal was victorious or the 10/14 equivalent.

Bet on Tennis at BetDSI

Grand Slam Events and Beyond

The public will sometimes get involved in betting the Grand Slam events (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, U.S. Open),  but for the most part they leave tennis alone.  That is good news for the bettor who does some handicapping because the sportsbooks do not put a great deal of effort into setting tennis odds. Tennis is way down the list of priorities with the oddsmakers so you can actually get more information than they do when you bet tennis matches.

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Live Lines



ATP - Australian Open @ Melbourne, Australia 

6:00 PM 8385 Bet Now I Dodig / M Granollers - - +150
8386 B Bryan / M Bryan - - -190
12:00 AM 8387 Bet Now Carreno-Busta P/Garcia-Lopez G - - -270
8388 Bolt A. / Mousley B. - - +210

WTA - Australian Open @ Melbourne, Australia 

6:30 PM 8885 Bet Now R Atawo / Y Xu - - +325
8886 B Mattek-Sands / L Safarova - - -475
6:30 PM 8887 Bet Now Lucic-Baroni M. / Petkovic A - - +120
8888 Hozumi E. / Kato M. - - -150
8:00 PM 8889 Bet Now Makarova E. / Vesnina E - - -250
8890 Hlavackova A. / Peng S. - - +200

Australian Open @ Melbourne, Australia MIXED DOUBLES

5:00 PM 8975 Bet Now Chan Y. J. / Kubot L - - -140
8976 Dabrowski G. / Bopanna R. - - +110
11:00 PM 8979 Bet Now Atawo R. / Lindstedt R - - -120
8980 Krajicek M. / Klaasen R. - - -110
11:00 PM 8981 Bet Now Mattek-Sands B. / Bryan M - - -375
8982 Xu Y. / Martin F. - - +285
10:30 PM 8983 Bet Now Stosur S. / Groth S - - -150
8984 Jurak D. / Rojer J. - - +120
9:30 PM 8987 Bet Now Zheng S. / Peya A - - +240
8988 Mirza S. / Dodig I. - - -300