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Rugby is not only one of the most physical, vicious sports on the planet, it is one with a rich history. Originating in England in the early 19th century, rugby – or rugby union – has grown into one of the most popular international sports. William Webb Ellis is the man who is often credited as one of the sport’s inventors as he coined the idea of running with the ball in hand in 1823. He was at Rugby School and when he caught pass while playing football, he decided to run with it.

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World Rugby has been the governing body since 1886, growing the sport from the Home Nations of Great Britain and Ireland, and spreading across the globe. It first grew popular in the nations associated with the British Empire but then expanded to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more. A number of countries – like Fiji, Georgia and Madagascar, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga and Wales – have even christened it as their national sport.

Global Competitions

There are number of major rugby competitions across the globe. One of the major international events is the Rugby World Cup, which started in 1987. That tournament takes place every four years with the winner hoisting the Webb Ellis Cup. In terms of events that are held annually, there is also the Six Nations Championship in Europe as well as The Rugby Championship, which takes place in the Southern Hemisphere. This has replaced the Tri Nations.

As far as domestic tournaments go, the English Premiership is the major event in England. In France, there is the Top 14, in New Zealand, there is the ITM Cup and in South Africa, there is the Currie Cup.

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How To Bet On The Rugby

To bet on rugby, you need to have a basic understanding of sports betting. Typically when you see rugby lines, you’ll see what’s called a point spread. That’s just the margin of victory that a team needs to win by. For example: let’s say England and Wales are squaring off and England is favored by 4.5 points. That means that they need to win by five points or more to cover the spread. If Wales loses by four or less, or wins the game, then Wales wins the bet.

Now you can also bet on a moneyline, which focuses solely on the result of the game and not the margin of victory. In this case, if you bet England and they win, you win. If you bet Wales and they win, then you win. However, the odds will change. In this case, you’ll likely see something like England -250. What this means is if you bet $250 on England, you’ll win $100. The minus sign denotes the favorite. On the other hand, you might see Wales +185. That means if you bet $100 on Wales, you’ll win $185. The plus sign indicates that they are the underdog.

You don’t have to bet in $100 increments but that gives you an idea of who’s the favorite, who’s the underdog and how much you’ll will if you bet each side.

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Rugby Hall Of Fame Inductees

Nation Inductee Year
 England William Webb Ellis 2006
 England Rugby School 2006
 South Africa Danie Craven 2007
 France Pierre de Coubertin 2007
 Australia John Eales 2007
 Wales Gareth Edwards 2007
 New Zealand Wilson Whineray 2007
 New Zealand 1888–89 New Zealand Native football team 2008
 Scotland Ned Haig 2008
 Ireland Jack Kyle 2008
 Scotland Melrose Rugby Football Club 2008
 Argentina Hugo Porta 2008
 France Philippe Sella 2008
 New Zealand Joe Warbrick 2008
Nation Inductee 2009
 South Africa Fairy Heatlie 2009
 Scotland Bill Maclagan 2009
 Ireland Willie John McBride 2009
 Scotland Ian McGeechan 2009
 Ireland Syd Millar 2009
 Wales Cliff Morgan 2009
 Ireland Tony O'Reilly 2009
 South Africa Bennie Osler 2009
 South Africa Frik du Preez 2009
 England Barbarian Football Club 2010
 France Serge Blanco 2010
 France André Boniface 2010
 France Guy Boniface 2010
 Wales Cardiff Rugby Football Club 2010
 England William Percy Carpmael 2010
 New Zealand Dave Gallaher 2010
 Ireland Mike Gibson 2010
 Wales Frank Hancock 2010
 France Lucien Mias 2010
 France Jean Prat 2010
 England Alan Rotherham 2010
 England Harry Vassall 2010
 South Africa Kitch Christie 2011
 Australia Bob Dwyer 2011
 Australia Nick Farr-Jones 2011
 England Martin Johnson 2011
 England John Kendall-Carpenter 2011
 New Zealand David Kirk 2011
 Samoa Brian Lima 2011
 New Zealand Richard Littlejohn 2011
 New Zealand Brian Lochore 2011
 New Zealand Jonah Lomu 2011
 Australia Rod Macqueen 2011
 South Africa François Pienaar 2011
 Argentina Agustín Pichot 2011
 Canada Gareth Rees 2011
 Australia Nicholas Shehadie 2011
 South Africa John Smit 2011
 Australia Roger Vanderfield 2011
 South Africa Jake White 2011
 England Clive Woodward 2011
 United States 1920 United States Olympic rugby team 2012
 Romania 1924 Romania Olympic rugby team 2012
 United States 1924 United States Olympic rugby team 2012
 Chile Donald Campbell 2012
 Chile Ian Campbell 2012
 Japan Yoshihiro Sakata 2012
 New Zealand Gordon Tietjens 2012
 Zimbabwe Kennedy Tsimba 2012
 Zimbabwe Richard Tsimba 2012
 Scotland David Bedell-Sivright 2013
 Australia David Campese 2013
 Australia Ken Catchpole 2013
 Ireland Ronnie Dawson 2013
 Australia Mark Ella 2013
 Australia George Gregan 2013
 England Alfred St. George Hamersley 2013
 Scotland Gavin Hastings 2013
 Soviet Union Vladimir Ilyushin 2013
 Australia Thomas Lawton, Snr 2013
 Wales Jack Matthews 2013
 United Kingdom Robert Seddon and the 1888 British Lions 2013
 Fiji Waisale Serevi 2013
 Australia John Thornett 2013
 Wales Bleddyn Williams 2013
 New Zealand Fred Allen 2014
 New Zealand Don Clarke 2014
 New Zealand Grant Fox 2014
 New Zealand Sean Fitzpatrick 2014
 New Zealand Michael Jones 2014
 New Zealand Ian Kirkpatrick 2014
 New Zealand John Kirwan 2014
 New Zealand Terry McLean 2014
 New Zealand Colin Meads 2014
 New Zealand Graham Mourie 2014
 New Zealand George Nepia 2014
 Australia David Campese 2014
 France Nathalie Amiel 2014
 England Gill Burns 2014
 United States Patty Jervey 2014
 Scotland Carol Isherwood 2014
 New Zealand Anna Richards 2014
 New Zealand Farah Palmer 2014
 Wales Keith Rowlands 2014
 Scotland Jim Greenwood 2014
 Wales J.P.R. Williams 2014
 Australia Michael Lynagh 2014
 France Jo Maso 2014
 Ireland Keith Wood 2014
 Wales Ieuan Evans 2014
 England Jason Leonard 2014
 England Bill Beaumont 2014

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