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Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts has a long history, from Europe to Japan and of course, Brazil, but it really caught fire with the UFC beginning in 1993, and now you can find it in mainstream sports news. That means you can also find it in your sportsbook, but you should have a little knowledge in MMA before you make your picks. MMA is definitely more than two combatants slugging it out. It incorporates all the facets of martial arts, from kickboxing to Brazilian jiu-jitsu, along with wrestling, judo and karate. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of these arts, as well as the fighters that use them, will be a big boost to your betting account. 

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You will only be using moneylines for MMA betting, no spreads and the premise is simple: one person will be favored, and the other is the underdog. You might see one fighter who is favored at -150; the favorite will always be denoted by a minus sign.

The underdog could be at +130, and the plus sign always goes with that person. The way it works is that you have to bet $150 on the favorite to win $100, while a $100 bet on the underdog would land you $130. This gives you an incentive to bet on the underdog, but the favorite is usually that for a reason, so this is where your research comes into play and of course, a good gut feeling.

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Over/Under For Rounds

There will also be over/under bets for the number of rounds that the sportsbook thinks the fight will go. So for example, the sportsbook might set the number at 3, and the over might be favored at -150, while the underdog goes for +130. The same rules apply for the moneyline bets, but now you are just betting on whether the fight will be over or under three rounds. The sportsbooks will do their research and see if the fight is between two sluggers, in which case you might see the under favored, so do yours as well.

Props (KO/submission/decision/DQ)

In some books, you can also find prop lines for how you think the fight will end, such as a knockout, a submission, or a disqualification, which does indeed happen. Each possible ending will be rated accordingly by the sportsbook, and it is on you to make the decision. This is when knowing how a fighter fights and what he/she likes to do comes into play.

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The Leagues

The UFC, Bellator and King of the Cage are known as the major fight promotions, but let’s start with the UFC, which is easily the biggest in the world. The UFC features a lot of pay-per-views, which you will always find in your sportsbook, but there is also The Ultimate Fighter television show as well as free cards that the UFC will put on Fox Sports and FX, among other networks. If you make it to the UFC, you are making it to the big time and you will see this promotion in your sportsbook basically all the time.

Like the UFC, Bellator and King of the Cage are based in the United States, but get fighters from all over the world as MMA has grown into an extremely lucrative sport. Cage Warriors is based in London, England, and they have become the biggest MMA promotion on that side of the Atlantic. You should definitely try to check out these smaller events, because you might seeing the next fighter to make the jump to the UFC.

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Live Lines


MMA - UFC - May 13 

UFC 211: Miocic vs. Dos Santos 2 American Airlines Center @ Dallas, Texas

5:00 PM 24001 Bet Now Junior Dos Santos - o1.5 -175 +108
24002 Stipe Miocic - u1.5 +150 -129
5:00 PM 24005 Bet Now Jessica Andrade - o3.5 -185 +140
24006 Joanna Jedrzejczyk - u3.5 +160 -165
5:00 PM 24009 Bet Now Jorge Masvidal - o1.5 -180 -128
24010 Demian Maia - u1.5 +155 +108
5:00 PM 24013 Bet Now Yair Rodriguez - o2.5 -225 +125
24014 Frankie Edgar - u2.5 +190 -145
5:00 PM 24017 Bet Now Sergio Pettis - o2.5 -290 +300
24018 Henry Cejudo - u2.5 +240 -365
5:00 PM 24021 Bet Now Dustin Poirier - o1.5 -205 -110
24022 Eddie Alvarez - u1.5 +175 -110