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You can bet on hockey at Diamond sportsbook on NHL and other leagues around the world such as the ones in Russia, Germany, the Czech Republic, etc. There are a few different options available with hockey betting for the various leagues and there is even betting on the Frozen Four in college hockey.

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With hockey betting you have money lines similar to what you see in baseball. Let’s take a look at a specific example from the NHL.

Washington Capitals +150

Pittsburgh Penguins -180

6.5 under -120

This is a straight NHL betting money line. You are risking $180 for every $100 you want to win on the Pittsburgh Penguins or the 18/10 equivalent, while you are getting $150 dollars for every $100 wagered if you bet on hockey with the Washington Capitals.

There is no pointspread so you only worry about winning the game. If you like the like the under then you risk $120 for every $100 you want to win or the 12/10 equivalent. If you like the hockey betting odds on the total to go over you wager $100 for every $100 you want to win on the over or the even money equivalent.

Three-Way Line

In addition to the regular money line with hockey betting you can also choose to bet the three-way line. This option includes the draw. Since there are no ties in hockey you would have a draw if the game ended in a tie in regulation time. Overtime and shootout results would not factor into the result on the three-way line. In that previous example, you might have the Pittsburgh Penguins at even money, the Washington Capitals at +175 and the Draw at +315.

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Periods, Props and Futures

You can also bet on the periods with NHL betting at Diamond sportsbook. You can choose to bet the first period, second period and the third period. These wagers are just like the full game money line wagers except that they are only for the specific period you are wagering on.

A common line would be pick’em with the total at 1.5. With hockey props you can bet on a team to score first and with some marquee games you might have other options as well. Not to be left out with hockey betting are the futures where you can bet on a team to win the Stanley Cup, the conference, division, season win totals, etc.

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Live Lines


NHL - May 25 

5:00 PM 61 Bet Now Ottawa Senators - o5-120 +175
62 Pittsburgh Penguins - u5+100 -205