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There are a multitude of great options for betting on football at BetDSI sportsbook. From sides and totals to parlays, teasers and futures, there is something for everyone at BetDSI when betting on football.  The NFL is the undisputed King when it comes to football but there are also college football and CFL lines on the board during the season.  The action begins each year with preseason NFL games in August. The college football season also begins in August with the NFL kicking off in September.  The CFL regular season begins each spring and concludes in the fall.

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The most popular day for betting football is Sunday with many NFL games on the board but there are actually more football betting lines available on Saturday because there are more games available.  And the two biggest games each week are Sunday Night Football on NBC and Monday Night Football on ESPN.

Side and Total Bets

The two most popular types of football betting wagers are the side and total. This is where you are betting a team against the pointspread or betting the total. You can bet the side and total on NFL, college football and CFL games every season. The side bet in football betting is where you are simply laying points with the favorite or taking points with the underdog. The total wager is where you are betting whether the amount of points scored in the contest will go over or under the posted number at the sportsbook.

Parlays and Teasers

Many people love to put teams together in parlays and teasers in NFL, NCAA Football and CFL wagering. Bettors can choose to put teams into a parlay with the regular pointspread and get some great NFL parlay odds at BetDSI sportsbook or you can take the extra odds available with NFL teasers.  Parlays have a special appeal because of the high payouts. It only takes winning a few games in a row to get a very nice payout and bettors can stay in action all week if they choose to bet a game on Thursday and conclude with the Monday Night Football game.  Teasers are also popular because they give bettors the additional points with their wagers. Whether it is an extra six points or an extra ten points, the teaser can turn games that would have been losses into wins.

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Money Lines, Halves and Quarters

Some other popular alternatives when you bet on football at the online sportsbook are the money line, first half, halftime and quarters betting. The money line is popular because it takes the football pointspread out of the equation.  You simply pick the winner of the game.  If you like the team that is favored you have to lay more money but if you like the underdog you are getting plus money. First halves are popular because bettors don’t have to worry about backdoor covers while halftimes and quarters betting are more popular on marquee games like Sunday and Monday Night Football.  When you bet on a quarter or a half you don’t worry about the entire game but only on the quarter of half you bet.

Futures Betting

Another option in football betting at BetDSI sportsbook is the futures bet. This wager is where gamblers can bet on which team will win the Super Bowl, AFC or NFC Conference titles, division titles, NCAA college football title; total wins for the season and more.  And the Super Bowl futures are available all year long, even during the regular season.  The numbers are adjusted each week based on how teams perform.  Win totals are on the board before the season for every NFL team and for a bulk of the college football teams.  There are also futures on the board for NFL and college football teams to win their respective conference and division.

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Another football betting option is the proposition wager. This is a fun form of football betting in which you can bet on which player will score first in a game or have the most yards, etc. Prop wagers are the most popular in NFL betting, especially on marquee games like Monday Night Football and the Super Bowl. Gamblers can chose different props on these games by wagering on such things as which team will score first, how many sacks will a team have, how many yards will a player gain, etc. The most popular type of proposition bets every year are the Super Bowl props. Whether it is NFL betting, college football betting or CFL betting; there are a plethora of choices available on the board at the sportsbook.

Check the latest football betting lines today at BetDSI sportsbook and enjoy the many different choices for NFL, NCAA Football, CFL and more.

Live Lines


NFL - Oct 23 

6:30 AM 451 NY GIANTS -3+105 o45-110 -140
452 LA RAMS +3-125 u45-110 +120
10:00 AM 453 MIN VIKINGS -3-110 o39.5 -110 -160
454 PHI EAGLES +3-110 u39.5 -110 +140
10:00 AM 455 NO SAINTS +6.5 -110 o51.5 -105 +230
456 KC CHIEFS -6.5 -110 u51.5 -115 -280
10:00 AM 457 WAS REDSKINS +1-115 o50-105 -105
458 DET LIONS -1-105 u50-115 -115
10:00 AM 459 CLE BROWNS +10-105 o46-110 +400
460 CIN BENGALS -10-115 u46-110 -500
10:00 AM 461 BUF BILLS -2.5 -120 o44.5 -110 -145
462 MIA DOLPHINS +2.5 +100 u44.5 -110 +125
10:00 AM 463 OAK RAIDERS +1.5 -105 o47-110 +106
464 JAX JAGUARS -1.5 -115 u47-110 -126
10:00 AM 465 IND COLTS +3.5 -110 o48-110 +165
466 TEN TITANS -3.5 -110 u48-110 -185
10:00 AM 467 BAL RAVENS +2.5 -110 o41-110 +115
468 NY JETS -2.5 -110 u41-110 -135
1:05 PM 469 SDG CHARGERS +6-115 o55-110 +200
470 ATL FALCONS -6-105 u55-110 -240
1:05 PM 471 TB BUCCANEERS +1-105 o46-105 +101
472 SFO 49ERS -1-115 u46-115 -121
1:25 PM 473 NE PATRIOTS -7-115 o48-110 -300
474 PIT STEELERS +7-105 u48-110 +235
5:30 PM 475 SEA SEAHAWKS +1-105 o43.5 -115 +105
476 ARI CARDINALS -1-115 u43.5 -105 -125

NFL - Oct 24 

5:30 PM 477 HOU TEXANS +9-115 o40.5 -110 +295
478 DEN BRONCOS -9-105 u40.5 -110 -360