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When it comes to basketball betting at Diamond sportsbook there are a lot of options to consider. You can bet sides and totals, money lines, halftimes, quarters, futures, propositions and more. And these options are available for NBA betting, college basketball betting and not to be left out is WNBA betting and European basketball betting.

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How To Bet On Basketball

Football is still the king when it comes to betting on sports, but you can make a pretty penny by wagering on basketball as well. Hoops has been getting more and more popular every year as basketball has some of the more recognizable stars in the world of sports, which means there is a larger spotlight on their teams and their odds.

Here are the three league you need to pay attention to when betting on basketball in North America along with some details about each of them.


The NBA is obviously at the top of the list as it is the top level of basketball not only in the United States, but in the world. It was founded in 1946, but started to get steam in the 1970s and then there was the boom of the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird era in the 1980s, which went into the Michael Jordan era of the 1990s and here we are.

Now, the game is dominated by the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and a deep pool of talent (arguably the deepest in the history of the NBA), and you can find odds on the NBA all year around, from futures on the NBA championship for all 30 teams to game-by-game odds and player props for their season, which is November to June.

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There are many ways to be on the NBA, which includes betting on the outright winner of games, who will cover the spread as well as totals (the combined score of both teams). One of the most popular ways to bet on basketball these days – all types – is live in-game betting as it allows you to bet on the action as the games are going on.

If you’re looking for something a little more long-term, you’ll find different types of odds in the preseason such as who’ll win the championship and odds on how many wins a team will have. Those types of bets usually offer a bigger payout than anything else but keep in mind that they also take a long time to settle. Your bet will be pending until the season is played out and your bet is fully decided.


The WNBA is the women's edition of the NBA and it came to be in 1996 as the NBA wanted to expand the women's game. Eight of the 12 teams in the league share an arena with their NBA counterpart, and there are a number of players worth watching for young girls to look up to as well, such as Maya Moore, Tina Charles and Elena Delle Donne, along with many more.

Like the NBA, the WNBA gets most of their talent from the college ranks, but more foreign players are starting to come from overseas as they look to extend their professional career. Again, you can find championship futures as well as player props and daily odds for their season, which is usually held from June to September.

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NCAA Basketball

The most intriguing of all three to bet on is probably the NCAA as you can bet on all of the top college teams and stars during the season, which goes from November to April, and you can get an idea of what players are going to make an impact at the NBA level. But the real fun starts in March when the NCAA Tournament, better known as March Madness, begins. While brackets are what the Tournament is known for, the first weekend of the event is a betting frenzy in which there are games constantly going from Thursday to Sunday, which means lots of chances to win.

That being said, you should get your research in before the Tournament starts. If you follow the regular season from the beginning, you'll have a better idea on what to wager on heading into the NCAA Tournament.

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Live Lines


NBA - Dec 09 

5:05 PM 701 Orlando Magic +6.5 -110 o200.5 -110 +220
702 Charlotte Hornets -6.5 -110 u200.5 -110 -270
5:35 PM 703 Miami Heat +13-115 o209.5 -110 +850
704 Cleveland Cavaliers -13-105 u209.5 -110 -1450
5:35 PM 705 Toronto Raptors - - -
706 Boston Celtics - - -
6:05 PM 707 Atlanta Hawks +3.5 -115 o206-110 +140
708 Milwaukee Bucks -3.5 -105 u206-110 -160
6:05 PM 709 Detroit Pistons - - -
710 Minnesota Timberwolves - - -
6:05 PM 711 Houston Rockets -1.5 -105 o225.5 -110 -120
712 Oklahoma City Thunder +1.5 -115 u225.5 -110 +100
6:35 PM 713 Indiana Pacers -4.5 -115 o200.5 -110 -190
714 Dallas Mavericks +4.5 -105 u200.5 -110 +170
8:35 PM 715 New York Knicks - - -
716 Sacramento Kings - - -
8:35 PM 717 Phoenix Suns +2-105 o217.5 -110 +110
718 Los Angeles Lakers -2-115 u217.5 -110 -130