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Basketball Betting

When it comes to basketball betting at Diamond sportsbook there are a lot of options to consider. You can bet sides and totals, money lines, halftimes, quarters, futures, propositions and more.

And these options are available for NBA betting, college basketball betting and not to be left out is WNBA betting and European basketball betting.

Sides and Totals

The most basic options to consider when betting on basketball are sides and totals. The side is where you are laying points with the favored team or you are getting points with the underdog. For example, you might have one team favored at -4 and the other team at +4. You would be laying 11/10 at the sportsbook on either option you chose.

The second option is over/under wagering. This is where you are betting on the total of the game to go over or under. For example, in NBA betting, you might have a total of 214 and you would be wagering over or under that amount of points to be scored.

Money Line

Instead of wagering on pointspreads you can also bet on teams to win straight up as you lay money instead of points. For example, you might have a team laying four points on the pointspread as in the previous example but on the money line they might be -200 at the sportsbook while the underdog might be +170.

Halves and Quarters

You can also wager on just the first or the second half of many basketball games. This is just like betting odds for the full game except that you are betting on just one half. Sides, totals and sometimes money lines are available on halves wagering. With the NBA you can also bet on the individual quarters as well.


You can wager on each team in the NBA to win the title and you can also get odds to win the conference and the division. These are called futures and are available before the season starts and with title and conference odds they are also available during the season. You also have future odds on teams to win the NCAA Championship. You may also have season win totals for teams in the NBA and marquee teams in college basketball.


Propositions are another way to bet basketball odds. This is where you are betting on things like the MVP award for the season or individual game props like points, rebounds, etc. Props are the most popular during the playoffs and marquee events like the NBA Finals and NCAA Championship.

Live Betting

Not to be forgotten at BetDSI sportsbook is the live betting option. On many games each week in pro and college basketball you can bet the game while it is in progress.