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One of the longest of the sports betting seasons is baseball as the season begins in April and runs through October. There are a lot of options at Diamond sportsbook to consider when you bet on baseball. From sides and totals to run lines and props, baseball betting has some great options.

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Sides and Totals

When you bet on baseball at Diamond sportsbook the two main options are sides and totals. They are based on money lines with no pointspread involved. For example, let's say that you see the Detroit Tigers favored at the sportsbook at -150 while Baltimore Orioles are +130.

For gamblers that want to take Baltimore, they would bet $100 to win $130 or the $10 to $13 equivalent. Gamblers that wanted Detroit would lay out $150 to win $100, or again, the 15/10 equivalent. There is no pointspread involved so all your team has to do is win and you get paid.

All of the baseball games will also have a total listed where you can bet over or under that number. For example, on that previous game the total might be listed at 9.5 with the over at -120. If you like the over you would lay -120 or the 12/10 equivalent and if you liked the under you would bet it at even money.

Run Lines

One of the other main options when you bet on baseball is the run line. This is where you are laying 1.5-runs or taking 1.5-runs. The appeal of the run lines is that for heavy favorites, a gambler can get a price break. On that previous example you would actually get plus money if you took the Detroit Tigers on the run line.

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Other Baseball Betting Options

Not only can you bet the side, the total and the run line at Diamond sportsbook you can also bet the first five innings, the second halves of games, series prices, alternate run lines and 2.5 run lines.


With many of the marquee games in baseball you can bet props like which team will score first, a score in the first inning, the total for each team, combined hits runs and errors, etc.


You can bet on teams to win the World Series, the pennant, division and you can also bet season win totals before the season begins.

Bet on Baseball at BetDSI

Live Betting

There will be many games each day during the Major League Baseball season that will include the live betting option at Diamond sportsbook. You can bet the games while they are in progress and enjoy added excitement and more action.

College World Series

When the college baseball season winds down you will also be able to bet the College World Series individual games with sides and totals and you will be able to bet futures on which team you think will win the title.

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