Soccer Odds - Italian Serie A Week 38 Lazio vs Napoli

  • Friday, May 29th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr


    Soccer Betting: Now that we are playing the final weekend of the 2015-16 Serie A campaign, we can officially congratulate Juventus and Roma for finishing with the top two spots in the table. As a result, they will be the two Serie A representatives in Champions League next season, having the advantage of group stage entry as well.

    We are already hearing the announcements of changes within many organizations, the most notable being Rafael Benitez leaving Napoli, coaching his last game this weekend in our featured match of the week with Lazio. The Stadio San Paolo will likely be excited to help the club rebound from the harsh defeat to Juventus last weekend, with Europa League implications in their final home game of the campaign.

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    It has been decided that Cagliari, Cesena and Parma will not be in Serie A next year, and we can confirm that Frosinone and Carpi have already earned their ticket to top flight. Carpi won the league title, while Frosinone came in second place. There is currently a playoff with the third to sixth place clubs battling for the third promotion position to Serie A.

    We will give each club's scenario in the match previews, whether it is for this or next campaign, and run down all 10 matches making up the final weekend of the long year.

    Saturday, May 30- 2 Matches

    Juventus vs Hellas Verona

    3-Way: 1: Juventus -125 Away ; X: +280 Draw ; 2: Verona +350 Home

    Spread: Juventus -0.5 -125 ; Verona +0.5 +105

    Total 3: Over -110 ; Under -110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Naturally, there will be much to discuss for the 2015-16 campaign for both clubs, as we know that Andrea Pirlo will be playing his last Serie A and Champions League matches in his career. The Maestro will go down as one of the greatest free kick scorers in the history of this, or any, league you may follow.

    Verona will also have many decisions to make after a 10th place finish in 2014, having expectations to, at worst, repeat that performance. Twelfth place would be the best possible position they could hope to manage, but overall, it was a down season, with plenty of mixed results as they achieved 45 points with one fixture on the campaign.

    Juventus has little concern for the outcome of this match, and it is not the same scenario as we saw last weekend, with Juve trying to keep their home record clean as they did last weekend.

    This Over 3 is the best offer to seek some value at -110, as a 2 - 1 scoreline could easily be managed within the first hour of the match to get us our push. From there, it should be to simply catch a fourth to bring the paying ticket to the window.

    AC Milan vs Atalanta

    3-Way: 1: Milan +145 Away ; X: +255 Draw ; 2: Atalanta +180 Home

    Spread: Milan Pk -125 ; Atalanta Pk +105

    Total 3: Over -115 ; Under -105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    There is still no guarantee that Filipo Inzaghi is going to lead this Milan club into the future, as it was certainly a turbulent campaign at the San Siro.

    A tenth place finish is about the best we are going to see from what was seen as a hopeful season to be in Europe next year. When we update our club pages at the end of the campaigns in Europe, there will be modified scenarios to best keep you all in the know for the 2015 - 16 campaigns coming soon. Carlo Ancelotti might potentially be in line for the assignment, but that is still just conversation thus far.

    Atalanta also under achieved in 2015, being the club that sits safe among the three relegation spots, barely surviving another campaign in top flight Serie A. Goal scoring was the issue most of the season, as we well documented time and again through our season long previews.

    This is another inflated total to 3, and we suspect the same as the line setters do, with a match that could easily see those three goals coming in a meaningless match in Bergamo. Grab the Over 3, and respect the -115 offer.

    Sunday, May 31- 8 Matches

    Featured Match Lazio vs Napoli

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Lazio +250

    Napoli +115

    Draw +245


    Lazio +0.5 -135

    Napoli -0.5 +115

    Total 2.5:

    Over -130

    Under +110

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Last weekend, both clubs were offered opportunities to increase their positions, and they each conceded to the two teams at the top of the table.

    Lazio lost the last Rome derby of the campaign 2 - 1 to Roma last weekend, which we can say was on the board here posted as the play at +115, on your BetDSI Serie A round 37 preview.

    As mentioned in the opening stanzas, Rafa Benitez is no longer going to be in charge in Naples, and we are hearing from Spain, and quite possibly English Premier League, so he will not be unemployed for much time at all.

    We suspect Napoli will go out with a bang, and Lazio will let us enjoy one more away loss on the season. The +115 on the 3-Way offer with the home side goes in the books.

    Udinese vs Cagliari

    3-Way: 1: Udinese +210 Away ; X: +265 Draw ; 2: Cagliari +125 Home

    Spread: Udinese +0.5 -145 ; Cagliari -0.5 +125

    Total 3: Over -120 ; Under +100

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Antonio Di Natale is moving on from Ude at the end of the campaign, and the 37-year-old veteran has certainly left his mark on the club, with 188 goals and over 350 goals, after leaving Empoli after the 2003 campaign.

    As media reports stir about his future, both the NY Red Bulls and NY Cosmos have reportedly shown interest in at least talking with him, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

    Cagliari has a Serie B campaign on deck to manage, and it was a dismal season as a whole for the club. With only 31 points, and being outscored 66 - 44, it all melted down after bring unable to snap the 11-match winless streak down the stretch of the second half of the year.

    With nothing again to play for, the theme may be as it was in Germany last weekend. Goals in the last round of the campaign are common, as we saw 32 goals in the final weekend of 2014, with 37 goals in the final round in 2013, and no less than 32 goals scored in the final 10-match week since 2010.

    The Over 3 makes the board for us again, hoping we see a similar 2 - 2 game as we saw in their first meeting at Udinese.

    Chievo Verona vs Fiorentina

    3-Way: 1: Chievo +850 Away ; X: +435 Draw ; 2: Fiorentina -300 Home

    Spread: Chievo +1.5 -120 ; Fiorentina -1.5 +100

    Total 3: Over -125 ; Under +105

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Chievo is, of course, done with this season, simply finishing what never really got started to begin with, managing 43 points, but surviving in top flight another campaign. There will need to be many adjustments within the organization to start getting this club in the top ten of the table again.

    Fiorentina still has this fourth-fifth-sixth issue to figure out, although they do know that if they win their final home game, they are in Europa group stage next year. The difference between fifth and sixth in the table, is that Europa qualifying will see your campaign starting extremely early, which will indeed see that club playing important football out of the gate.

    The line setters are revealing that you need to take either handicap 1.5 line to find any value, because -300 is simply out of our realm for action on a home win.

    We will offer the +1,5 on Chievo, not expecting them to lose by two goals to close out the campaign, while making it as difficult for the Viola as they can for 90 minutes.

    Palermo vs AS Roma

    3-Way: 1: Palermo +825 Away ; X: +430 Draw ; 2: Roma -290 Home

    Spread: Palermo +1.5 -120 ; Roma -1.5 +100

    Total 3: Over -120 ; Under +100

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Roma came up with the biggest win of the campaign last weekend, taking out Lazio in the Rome Derby and clinching the two spot for the second straight campaign. The future for both of these clubs is uncertain on many levels throughout their organizations.

    Palermo never figured out how to win away from home this year, although they did a good enough job at home to manage a second straight season back up in top flight.

    Roma will also likely to be seeing many changes on and off the field, and again we will update all the team info in their 2015 - 16 club pages here at BetDSI. Will Francesco Totti play a large or small role next season? Will Rudi Garcia move on? Both of these questions are among many that need to be answered.

    We will call this as one of the few Unders on the final day of the campaign. We can hope to expect another 1 - 1 draw, as we saw all too often with Roma this campaign.

    The Under 3 at even money is the offer in this one.

    Cesena vs Torino

    3-Way: 1: Cesena +850 Away ; X: +425 Draw ; 2: Torino -295 Home

    Spread: Cesena +1.5 -120 ; Torino -1.5 +100

    Total 3: Over -120 ; Under +100

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Cesena made their way back to top flight with Palermo last season, but they will not be remaining here past this weekend. The home lockers have been cleaned out, and now it just a matter of playing one last away match to say goodbye to Serie A.

    Torino and Inter Milan were the two surprises that had us wondering if they would manage a European position, but neither ended up being able to get the big wins down the stretch to stay in the conversation.

    In all 12 meetings the two have had since 1998, no match was decided by two goals, and the 3 - 2 result in the first meeting this year added to that number. Hoping that lovely little trend holds on for one last time, as they will not face each other for at least two seasons obviously.

    The +1.5 handicap on Cesena is the play we offer at -120.

    Empoli vs Inter Milan

    3-Way: 1: Empoli +550 Away ; X: +385 Draw ; 2: Inter -215 Home

    Spread: Empoli +1 +105 ; Inter -1 -125

    Total 3: Over -145 ; Under +125

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Again, we see two clubs with a lot of questions that need to be answered for next season, as Empoli might have been seen as a relatively solid club in some eyes, but the results were simply not there, with only 42 points, and being in the lower third of the table most of the campaign.

    Inter did all they could to stay in the conversation for Europe, but that can all be laid to rest now. Neither club from Milan will be playing in club competitions in 2015-16. That is simply something we do not see all too often.

    This will likely be a 2 - 1 match, but the likelihood of a draw is also there, so we will suggest the +1 on Empoli, to at least finish the season with some respect.

    Parma vs Sampdoria

    3-Way: 1: Parma +750 Away ; X: +450 Draw ; 2: Sampdoria -290 Home

    Spread: Parma +1.5 -120 ; Sampdoria -1.5 +100

    Total 3: Over -140 ; Under +120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Oh Parma! The sorry situation it was this year, finally comes to a finish, and when this whole thing is said and done, they could potentially be a Serie D club, starting over with a new name, a new league, and a new outlook with a President who hopefully won't leave the club in shambles again.

    Sampdoria and Parma are going to contribute to the goal-scoring carnival that will be round 38 in Serie A, so throw this total up to 3.5, and get +115 on the action. That fourth goal that comes will cash the ticket.

    Genoa vs Sassuolo

    3-Way: 1: Genoa +140 Away ; X: +265 Draw ; 2: Sassuolo +185 Home

    Spread: Genoa Pk -120 ; Sassuolo Pk +100

    Total 3: Over -135 ; Under +115

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Genoa is the club that is in that sixth position and holds the final Europa League qualification position entering the weekend. Fact is, with a win, and a loss from Fiorentina, they can steal that fifth spot that will, at worst, avoid the qualification rounds of Europa, with a direct group stage entry instead.

    Sassuolo was simply good enough to stay in top flight, and there is not much more positive to take from the campaign. They will finish in the bottom half of the table, and have to figure out how to bring in more than 50 points next year as well.

    The Genoa Pk at -120 is the play for us here, and that will be the final play this season in Italy.

    Again, we would like to thank all the members and visitors of BetDSI for reading our season long previews this year. We look forward to next campaign, and please note: The 2015-16 seasons will conform to Home teams on the left, as they appear normally at most soccer/football sites and score boards.

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