Soccer Odds - Italian Serie A Week 19 Fixtures Featuring Napoli vs Lazio

  • Thursday, January 15th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr


    Soccer Betting: We find ourselves at the halfway mark of the campaign, and most clubs clearly know what needs to be done to finish the year. Juventus and Roma are still the pace setters in the table, 9 points clear of Lazio who is in the third position in Serie A.

    Lazio will be part of our featured match of the weekend, when they host Napoli in Rome. Napoli's President has filled his Twitter account with heavy accusations of the officials’ favoritism towards Juventus. The transfer market is still a busy place in Italy, with plenty of deals in the works for players laced throughout Europe, some leaving and others coming.

    Let’s see what the schedule has in store for us this weekend, and see what action is out there to be had in Serie A Italia.

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    Saturday.January 17- 2 Matches

    Inter Milan vs Empoli

    3-Way: 1: Inter +115 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Empoli +260 Home

    Spread: Inter -0.5 +115 ; Empoli +0.5 -135

    Total 2.5: Over +115 ; Under -135

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Inter Milan is feeling good about themselves again. They have now found some kind of result in their last 4 matches, one of which includes a draw with mighty Juve, so they are potentially one of the most dangerous clubs that no one sees coming as we reach the halfway point of the campaign.

    When December started, Empoli was the talk of the league, coming up from second tier Serie B and seeming as if they were prepared to battle in top flight. That has all passed, and sinceNovember 23rd, this club has not taken 3 points from anyone. The only semblance of victory they have had sinceDecember 3rd was a Coppa Italia victory. They will play Roma in the Coppa onJanuary 20in Rome.

    There is no way Empoli is looking ahead to the Coppa match. Instead they now need to solely concern themselves with how to stay in Serie A altogether. They are only 3 points ahead of the last club in the relegation zone, so they certainly need to get back to the club that they were that started the campaign.

    This match has an Over feel to it, due to the fact that Inter Milan is not going to be slowed down for 90 minutes and they will indeed find the net, if not once, but maybe twice. If Empoli plans on not letting more points go by the wayside, they better put up a semblance of a fight.

    We will suggest this Over 2.5 at a lovely +115 for some value on a 2 - 1 score to pay us.

    AS Roma vs Palermo

    3-Way: 1: Roma +115 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Palermo+260 Home

    Spread: Roma -0.5 +115 ; Palermo +0.5 -135

    Total 2.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Last weekend, the Rome Derby was quite a spectacle to behold. Roma managed to get a result, despite being down 2 - 0 to Lazio at the half. Francesco Totti saved the day, and found two second half goals to salvage a point in a 2 - 2 draw at Stadio Olimpico.

    Sunday, January 18- 8 Matches

    Featured Match Napoli vs Lazio

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Napoli +190

    Lazio +155

    Draw +225


    Napoli Pk +105

    Lazio Pk -125

    Total 2.5:

    Over +105

    Under -125

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    The fortress that is Rome once again came in handy for Lazio, as they have played 3 straight matches here, and have spent all of the 2015 side of thecampaign in Rome.Throw in a nice winon Wednesdayin the Coppa Italia over Torino, and Lazio is playing their best football in years. They sit in the 3rd spot in the table, where they have not finished in a season since the 2006-07 campaign.

    All three times Juventus scored on them at home last weekend Napoli watched them celebrate like little kids filled with joy and excitement, so now they need to figure out how to get a result in arguably the hardest place to find away points in all of Europe, much less Serie A in Italy.

    Napoli’s President, Aurelio De Laurentiis, was calling for the referee's head on social media after the second goal that made it 2 - 1. After the loss, he is quoted as saying on Twitter, “We are tired. Juventus are a strong team, and if they are helped by the referees, they become unbeatable.”

    With Lazio playing well, and Napoli needing to find a way to get up for a tough away match with plenty of comments being made around them this week. We will take the Lazio Pk at -125, but yet take the Over 2.5 at a rather reasonable +105.

    We know Napoli will find a way to score here somehow, and the line setters in Europe agree, saying -140 or so for the Both to Score prop.

    Torino vs Cesena

    3-Way: 1:Torino -110 Away ; X: +225 Draw ; 2: Cesena +370 Home

    Spread: Torino -0.5 -110 ; Cesena +0.5 -110

    Total 2: Over -115 ; Under -105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    We are only reaching the halfway mark of the campaign, but Cesena has all but already assured a spot in second tier Serie B next year. Even with Parma tied with them at 9 points, they are playing like a Lega Pro Serie C club since arriving to top flight.

    We have discussed Torino plenty around here, including the scoring issues they have, still relying on Quagliarella and Amauri to find ways on the score sheet. They also got bounced from the Coppa Italiaon Wednesdayafter the 3 - 1 loss at home to Lazio.

    There is no way we are leaving a Cesena Over 2 sitting there unattended and needing some company. Cesena could not stop any 11 people in our studio from scoring a goal or two, so how will they manage to even stop a Torino club? They won't, and we will see at worst two goals here, so play the Over 2 at -115.

    Fiorentina vs Chievo Verona

    3-Way: 1: Fiorentina +105 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Chievo +300 Home

    Spread: Fiorentina -0.5 +105 ; Chievo +0.5 -125

    Total 2.5: Over +125 ; Under -145

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    It is actually amazing that with a 7 - 5 - 6 record, Fiorentina is sitting only 4 points back of the last Champions League qualifying spot for next year. Granted, we are just now reaching the halfway point of the campaign, but the Viola has yet to really show how they are going to stay in any contention for the European competition spots comes year’s end.

    Chievo is simply terrible. With 13 goals scored through 18 matches, no one is coming in from the transfer window to rescue this club either.

    We will take Fiorenitna on the 3-Way line of +105 simply out of disrespect for anything Chievo has to offer.

    Atalanta vs AC Milan

    3-Way: 1: Atalanta +585 Away ; X: +295 Draw ; 2: AC Milan -180 Home

    Spread: Atalanta +1 -120 ; Milan -1 +100

    Total 2.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Atalanta had scored 2 away goals the entire campaign until the last time they hit the road, when they found 2 in one match in Genoa.

    AC Milan is still in the midst of solidifying their squad, looking to make as many high-stock changes as they can make to finish the second half of the campaign. It was nice to see Alessio Cerci get some playing time in their 2 - 1 in the Coppa Italia matchon Tuesday, so he may be finding his way to more playing time for the Serie A campaign for the first time this year.

    Atalanta is not going to the San Siro and finding a result of any nature, so the -1 handicap on Milan at even money makes the most sense if you are looking for some action here.

    Sampdoria vs Parma

    3-Way: 1: Sampdoria +185 Away ; X: +205 Draw ; 2: Parma +175 Home

    Spread: Sampdoria Pk -110 ; Parma Pk -110

    Total 2: Over -145 ; Under +125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Sampdoria is still figuring out life after Gabbiadini, which leaves them with sparse offensive threats to finish out the campaign. However, they did get Eder back at an opportune time, and he did find the net in their 1 - 0 win at home over Empoli last weekend.

    Parma found a way to move on in the Coppa Italia after a 2 - 1 winon Wednesdayover Cagliari, and now they need to find similar results if they want a way to remain in Serie A after this campaign. This match should be wide open, and we will suggest moving the total from the straight 2 at -145, to the Over 2 and 2.5 closer to even money.

    Sassuolo vs Genoa

    3-Way: 1: Sassuolo +220 Away ; X: +210 Draw ; 2: Genoa +145 Home

    Spread: Sassuolo Pk +125 ; Genoa Pk -145

    Total 2: Over -145 ; Under +125

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Sassuolo did not appear to take the Coppa Italia matchon Tuesdaywith AC Milan too seriously, resting a good bit of players in a 2 - 1 loss to try to keep on pace in Serie A and more pressing matters at hand.

    Genoa has slowly dropped off pace, with losses in 3 of their last 4, and descending down the table week by week. With 27 points to show for 18 matches, they join Fiorentina as the clubs hoping to stay in the chatter for European spots next year. All of a sudden, Genoa has lost track of their defensive communication, and has allowed 8 goals over that same 4 game stretch, four of which came against struggling Atalanta and Torino.

    With the way these clubs are playing, we will suggest moving the total Over to 2 and 2.5 to get near even money for your trouble, expecting a 2 - 1 match to cash our ticket.

    Hellas Verona vs Juventus

    3-Way: 1: Verona +1400 Away ; X: +600 Draw ; 2: Juventus -600 Home

    Spread: Verona +2 -115 ; Juventus -2 -105

    Total 3: Over -110 ; Under -110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    It was fairly obvious that Juventus was emotionally invested in the 3 - 0 win over Napoli last weekend. We had mentioned they hadn't won there in 14 years, and you could see in their celebrations of all 3 goals that they really wanted those points. All clubs need emotional wins to stay invested through the long Serie A campaign.

    Now they will need to find the same motivation to keep their own fans happy after a huge away win, but Verona does not exactly exude a top flight Serie A club to give them the same fire. Verona desperately needed those 3 points against lowly Parma, or else we would be talking about a club with 18 points hovering in the relegation zone.

    However, that was Parma. Welcome to the world of GiGi Buffon and the Juvenus back line on defense.

    We will call the correct score of 4 - 1, and expect with it to cash the Over 3 at -110 and the Juve handicap of -2 at -105.

    Cagliari vs Udinese

    3-Way: 1: Cagliari +260 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Udinese +115 Home

    Spread: Cagliari +0.5 -135 ; Udinese -0.5 +115

    Total 2.5: Over -110 ; Under -110

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Udinese has not won any of their last 4 home matches, and usually it is the other way around and they can't find away points. So if you are struggling both away from home and at home, how do you expect to maintain top flight status?

    Cagliari still has many issues stopping people from marching down their side of the pitch and finding the net, and we see this 2.5 as an opportunity to play the Over at -110.

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