Soccer: EPL Week 30 Manchester United vs Liverpool

  • Friday, March 20th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr


    Soccer Betting: Chelsea and Manchester City continue to struggle, while the clubs behind them in the table keep gaining ground on a weekly basis. Both clubs have also failed miserably in Champions League, leaving Europe with no English clubs left in their highest club competition. Now, we only have the 9 fixtures left in the campaign to decide the champion of Barclay's Premier League, and the battle for European positioning features seven clubs vying for the six spots that offer places in Europe's 2015-16 competitions.

    Manchester City head man Manuel Pelligrini seems to be the newest manager under the spotlight. This week, reserves manager Patrick Vieria is apparently set to leave the club for Germany at the end of the campaign.

    Pelligrini has fell out of favor with the English media and has taken criticism for the team’s recent fallout, which includes dropping out of Champions League after a 1 - 0 defeat to Burnley last weekend in domestic play. Arsenal now sits only a point back of the citizens, with Man United just two points on their heels.

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    Manchester United takes part in our featured match of the weekend, which comes on the grounds of Anfield, as Liverpool plays host. Liverpool comes off a far-from-convincing 1 - 0 win last weekend, while United rides the momentum of a 3-goal victory against Tottenham at Old Trafford.

    We have seven matchesSaturday, and three that contain our featured match, so let's get to the pitch and break it all down.

    Saturday, March 21- 7 Matches

    Swansea vs Aston Villa

    3-Way: 1: Swansea +215 Away ; X: +215 Draw ; 2: Aston Villa +145 Home

    Spread: Swansea Pk +115 ; Aston Villa Pk -135

    Total 2: Over -130 ; Under +110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Swansea might have deserved a better fate last weekend when Liverpool scored on a fluke deflection off a defender that had no right finding the net off Henderson's boot. We all know sometimes luck is not always good, and it is those results that can start a spiral for a club who has now lost three of their last 5.

    Aston VIlla's 4 - 0 victory over Sunderland last weekend might have been the final straw for the Sunderland fans, who simply removed themselves from their seats after only a half hour. Tim Sherwood has taken the reigns for Villa and has seemingly turned the club around, although they only have a three-point cushion from the final relegation spot currently held by Burnley. Two straight wins has eased the pressure, but there is plenty of work left to do to remain in top flight.

    If Villa is going to continue to climb out of the danger zone, a huge home win here would give the club three straight wins, potentially sneaking all the way to the 14th position in the table, pending other results of course.

    That +145 on the home side here sure looks tempting enough, and now the value is there because the way Villa has rebounded under their new coach.

    Let's test the waters and see if we can catch a hot team in the midst of a run.

    West Brom vs Manchester City

    3-Way: 1: West Brom +950 Away ; X: +460 Draw ; 2: Man City -330 Home

    Spread: West Brom +1.5 -105 ; Man City -1.5 -115

    Total 3: Over -105 ; Under -115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Well the line setters are not convinced that Manchester is done by any stretch of the imagination, throwing an emphatic -330 on the home side. Manchester City is a tough team to watch, when you apparently have all this talent that has not really learned how to play together as of yet.The bigger the match, the more failures this team provides, and this West Brom defense is no pushover to say the least.

    We will offer this Under 3 all day, with the disappointing Champions League result we just saw this week from City, and the West Brom defense likely to continue to give them trouble. The -115 to see less than four goals to, at wors,t push our ticket, is reasonable enough as well.

    Arsenal vs Newcastle

    3-Way: 1: Arsenal -160 Away ; X: +300 Draw ; 2: Newcastle +460 Home

    Spread: Arsenal -1 +115 ; Newcastle +1 -135

    Total 2.5: Over -130 ; Under +110

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Arsenal is now only a point behind Man City for the two spot in the table and, in fact, is only seven points away from league leaders Chelsea. The Gunners had a tough assignment this week in Champions League and came pretty damn close in their attempt to make up a 3 - 1 aggregate against Monaco. They did come up short, but the effort was commendable.

    Newcastle has now lost three of their last four, and basically just has to stay afloat from here on out, with no realistic chance to catch anyone in the upper portion of the table and only 10 points above the danger zone.

    We can assume that Arsenal is going to come out guns a blazing, looking to shake off the reality of beating Monaco 2 - 0 in France this week only to have it all end up being completely insignificant.

    The Over is juiced to -130 because the Gunners are going to score all three of those goals, and we will turn to the -1 handicap instead, seeking the value of a +115 on the action with Arsenal.

    Burnley vs Southampton

    3-Way: 1: Burnley +790 Away ; X: +340 Draw ; 2: Southampton -235 Home

    Spread: Burnley +1 +115 ; Southampton -1 -135

    Total 2.5: Over -110 ; Under -110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Burnley pulled the shock of all shockers last weekend, upsetting Manchester City 1 - 0 and playing about the best match they have put together the entire campaign. Statistically, the match looks lopsided to the club that lost the match, with Man City putting up 21 attempts on net and holding the ball for 70/30 possession, but in football, possession does not win you games.

    How does Burnley follow up their biggest win of the year facing a Southampton side that is barely hanging on to the final Europa League qualifying spot in the table? The real question is, “What the hell is this total doing at 2.5, with the line setters offering -110 on either side of the ledger?” We will say thank you to that, and undoubtedly expect this Under 2.5 to come in easily.

    Crystal Palace vs Stoke City

    3-Way: 1: C. Palace +265 Away ; X: +220 Draw ; 2: Stoke +120 Home

    Spread: C. Palace Pk +155 ; Stoke Pk -180

    Total 2: Over -130 ; Under +110

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Does that total say 2? Is that a joke, or are we dreaming it is there?These two managed a 1 - 1 draw in their first meeting this year, and they could easily pull off that feat at this juncture of the campaign.

    Stoke we hope comes out on top, after you might have seen us say last week that we expect Stoke might surprise us and make a run at the handful of clubs above them, but this total sits there, and we cannot let that go.

    The Over 2 is -130, and we have no issue with someone moving it to the 2 and 2.5 to get a much more reasonable offer close to even money.

    Leicester City vs Tottenham

    3-Way: 1: Leicester +515 Away ; X: +340 Draw ; 2: Tottenham -190 Home

    Spread: Leicester +1 -110 ; Tottenham -1 -110

    Total 3: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Hey, did you see Leicester found a point last weekend? Holy smokes, is that two draws in the last three outings now? That is not even close to a reality this weekend and, even though Manchester City made Tottenham look like a third rate clubs last weekend, this is Leicester people, and the truth is about to keep this club closer to second tier.

    Tottenham 3 - Leicester 1, ok maybe 2, because anyone who says either Tottenham or Leicester and uses the word defense in their preview should have their eyes checked and maybe their hair removed from their ears.

    Over 3 all day and any day these two meet, and a hysterical +105 on the action.

    Sunderland vs West Ham

    3-Way: 1: Sunderland +380 Away ; X: +260 Draw ; 2: West Ham -125 Home

    Spread: Sunderland +0.5 +105 ; West Ham -0.5 -125

    Total 2.5: Over +100 ; Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Sunderland's fans have now told us all we need to know about how they feel about the club, literally getting up last weekend after they went down 3 - 0 to Villa less than a half hour into the match. When your fans turn on you, the organization is soon to follow, so there is no way we can expect Sunderland to have an ounce of confidence, playing while completely unsure of who believes in them even just a single bit.

    West Ham -125 on the 3-Way line will have to do, because Sunderland might just find themselves in second tier next year, and then the fans will really not be showing up.

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    Sunday, March 22- 3 Matches

    Featured Match Manchester United vs Liverpool

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Man U +250

    Liverpool +115

    Draw +245


    Man U +0.5 -135

    Liverpool -0.5 +115

    Total 2.5:

    Over -110

    Under -110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    If Liverpool considers that 1 - 0 win last weekend is a good result, than the rest of the campaign is going to be very interesting for them. There are fluky goals, and there is what we saw in their match last weekend, and that was all they could produce for 90 minutes.

    Manchester comes off a resounding 3 - 0 win over Tottenham, highlighted by Wayne Rooney's goal. It was only a week ago that his video went viral of him boxing with Phil Bardsley, and apparently getting knocked out cold in his own kitchen. His goal celebration to make it 3 - 0 gave us all a laugh, as he boxed his way to the ground, acting as if he got hit again on the chin, falling to the pitch. Splendid stuff!

    The wrong team is favored here, and Manchester United is the club who is walking out of Anfield with some type of result. What a price on the Pk Draw no Bet handicap with Man United here, being listed at +160 or so depending on the time you get the action in.

    We will suggest that action to all of our readers this weekend.

    Chelsea vs Hull City

    3-Way: 1: Chelsea -220 Away ; X: +335 Draw ; 2: Hull +710 Home

    Spread: Chelsea -1 -125 ; Hull +1 +105

    Total 2.5: Over +100 ; Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Chelsea should easily get by Hull City right? Oh, of course they should. They have this match in hand, and are going to comfortably go on the road and beat down this Hull City club.

    Please, if there was ever a time to take advantage of a wounded dog, this is the time, because Chelsea has not scored more than one goal in a match in about a month.You can't cover a -1 when you can't score more than 1, so the Hull City +1 at a lovely +105 is our suggestion here. No one cares that they are on the top of the table, and we are not witnessing the best football this team has played lately.

    Everton vs Queens Park

    3-Way: 1: Everton +125 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: QPR +235 Home

    Spread: Everton Pk -165 ; QPR Pk +140

    Total 2.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Everton joined the clubs in Premier League who are all now out of their European campaigns, and got killedon Thursdayin their tie with Dynamo Kiev. There is now not a single club from this league playing in any club competitions, and the league should be embarrassed.

    Tim Howard may be seen as an elite in the world, but his defense is not exactly making his job easy this year.

    Match their play lately, with the complete lack of defense that QPR has, and this +105 on the Over 2.5 easily makes the board in this spot. Might we see one of those 5 - 4 type of matches? Why wouldn't we, as it might be 2 - 1 by halftime alone!

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