English Premier League Week 34 Featuring Chelsea vs Arsenal

  • Friday, April 24th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr

    Chelsea-at-Arsenal odds

    Soccer Betting: With only five matches left in the campaign, we come to the home stretch with a mere 15 points remaining for all clubs around the league. Eight of the 10 matches being played in round 34 happen on Saturday, April 25, kicking it off with the match at St. Mary's. Southampton and Tottenham sit a point apart, battling for Europa League entry, with Liverpool right beside them battling for the same position.

    Liverpool will face West Brom at The Hawthorneson Saturday, and try to maintain the fifth spot in the table. They have reasonable hopes of catching the clubs from Manchester that hold Champions League entry.

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    Our featured match of the weekend is the one-two battle with Arsenal hosting Chelsea at Emirates Stadium to complete round 34on Sunday. The two clubs are separated by 10 points for the top spot in Premier League, and Chelsea could essentially wrap it up with three away points this weekend.

    Let's get to the pitch, and see what we can expect around the league for round 34.

    Saturday, April 25- 8 Matches

    Tottenham vs Southampton

    3-Way: 1: Tottenham +270 Away ; X: +245 Draw ; 2: Southampton +110 Home

    Spread: Tottenham +0.5 -130 ; Southampton -0.5 +110

    Total 2.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Outside of the big match up of the week at Emirates Stadium with Chelsea and Arsenal, this match presents itself with major implications in the European discussion. Liverpool, Tottenham, and Southampton are separated by a single point and are vying for two of the three Europa League spots in the table, so one of the three will likely not make any club competitions next season.

    That makes this heads up meeting vital for each club, knowing there will only be four fixtures left after today, with Liverpool having a game in hand to make up later as well. Both clubs are struggling with consistency and mixed results week after week, so whoever can pull it together at the most important time of the year will obviously be who we see in European club competition next season.

    Tottenham is 5 - 0 in the last five meetings, and until Southampton figures out how to get a result against them, we are riding the streak out. Take the Pk Draw no Bet option on Tottenham for close to +170, depending on the site and time you play the action.

    Hull City vs Crystal Palace

    3-Way: 1: Hull +300 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: C. Palace +105 Home

    Spread: Hull +0.5 -125 ; C. Palace -0.5 +105

    Total 2: Over -135 ; Under +115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Crystal Palace’s loss last weekend will have no carry over effect, because Hull City has no idea what they are doing. We will go out on the limb and say that Hull will be one of the three clubs sent down in this mad mix of clubs at the bottom of the table. Leicester and QPR are at least getting things together enough to likely over take them down the stretch, and this match will contribute to that.

    The play sits at +105, and the action goes towards the Palace to take three points at home.

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    Swansea vs Newcastle

    3-Way: 1: Swansea +225 Away ; X: +225 Draw ; 2: Newcastle +140 Home

    Spread: Swansea Pk +130 ; Newcastle Pk -150

    Total 2.5: Over +130 ; Under -150

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Speaking of riding a poor results streak, hello Newcastle!!

    To see this Swansea Pk at +130 is certainly worth a play, as Newcastle has no direction and no cohesion, and we will say what we always say when streaks reach five or more, “Play it until it stops,” because in the now, Newcastle is playing as poorly as anyone in Europe, much less England.

    West Ham vs Queens Park

    3-Way: 1: West Ham +215 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: QPR +140 Home

    Spread: West Ham Pk +120 ; QPR Pk -140

    Total 2.5: Over -115 ; Under -105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    QPR is getting better, but they still have one of the worst home records in the entire league and have not won in any of their last 9 games at Loftus Road, including a 3 - 0 drubbing to Sheffield in FA Cup. West Ham has been just as dismal away from Boleyn Ground, so this is a draw waiting to happen in our opinion.

    We see a 1 - 1 type of match here, so the +235 on the potential draw holds the most value in this one.

    Sunderland vs Stoke City

    3-Way: 1: Sunderland +335 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Stoke -105 Home

    Spread: Sunderland +0.5 -115 ; Stoke -0.5 -105

    Total 2.5: Over +130 ; Under -150

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Sunderland is not exactly comfortable at 29 points, being only a mere point above the final relegation position that Hull and Leicester currently are tied for. Stoke found a pretty big result last weekend against Southampton, and now get back-to-back home games to play.

    We do not believe in one ounce of what Sunderland is selling, and they are simply not going to get a result away from home in this one. The -105 on the 3-Way home line is the only real direction we can look here, so that will have to be our suggestion.

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    Liverpool vs West Brom

    3-Way: 1: Liverpool -105 Away ; X: +255 Draw ; 2: West Brom +300 Home

    Spread: Liverpool -0.5 -105 ; West Brom +0.5 -115

    Total 2.5: Over -105 ; Under -115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Liverpool is tied at 57 points, holding a spot for Europa League at the moment, and snapped a two-loss run last weekend in an easy win against Newcastle.

    At home, West Brom hasn't exactly done much, being outscored by five goals, and have only taken 21 points from 17 matches played at The Hawthornes. With Liverpool playing for as much as they are, they should be able to get by West Brom, and the line setters agree, setting the line at -105 for the away win.

    That is where we will turn as well, agreeing with them that Liverpool will likely keep West Brom out of their net, and come away with three points.

    Leicester City vs Burnley

    3-Way: 1: Leicester +185 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Burnley +155 Home

    Spread: Leicester Pk + 100; Burnley Pk -120

    Total 2.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Leicester is playing football, but Burnley is playing marbles!

    This is the easiest play on this board this weekend, with two clubs at the bottom of the table playing to not be sent down when it is all said and done.

    It is hard to not notice the 102 goals allowed between the two clubs as well, so what is stopping a 2 - 1 type of match from happening? Nothing in our minds, so two plays come here. The Pk Draw no Bet option on Leicester, and the Over 2.5 at a similar +105.

    Aston Villa vs Manchester City

    3-Way: 1: Aston Villa +1150 Away ; X: +525 Draw ; 2: Man City -400 Home

    Spread: Aston Villa +1.5 +120 ; Man City -1.5 -140

    Total 3: Over -125 ; Under +105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Obviously Aston Villa is being given no chance to win this match, and the line setters made it even clearer with the +1150 action on the away side.

    Which Manchester City club shows up today is the question, because this is a tale of a club who has been inconsistent to say the least. This +1.5 on Villa at +120 gets the nod from us this weekend, especially after seeing them put together a perfect performance against Tottenham last weekend.

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    Sunday, April 26- 2 Matches

    Featured Match Chelsea vs Arsenal

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Chlesea +220

    Arsenal +135

    Draw +230


    Chelsea Pk +125

    Arsenal Pk -145

    Total 2.5:

    Over +120

    Under -140

    Analysis and Prediction:

    It doesn't get any bigger this weekend than this, and London will be abuzz all week in anticipation.

    A group of Chelsea fans invaded Arsenal's Emirates Stadium this week in a lighthearted attempt to lay a blue marker down as the top two clubs face offon Sunday. The four fans labelled themselves the 'C-Team', and wore Jose Mourinho, Diego Costa, Didier Drogba and Cesc Fabregas masks to hide their identity, before parking up outside Arsenal's north London home. The fans! Hard to not love stories like that, and it is that kind of stuff that makes rival games that much bigger.

    This will hopefully be a match for the ages as well, as Arsenal is playing some of the best football in all of Europe lately and could potentially catch Chelsea off guard. The two have combined for 128 goals scored, and are also among the best defensive clubs in the league, so it could go in either direction.

    We are suggesting the Over 2.5 at a lovely +120, hoping to catch the line setters sleeping on this one.

    Manchester United vs Everton

    3-Way: 1: Man U +125 Away ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Everton +245 Home

    Spread: Man U -0.5 +125 ; Everton +0.5 -145

    Total 2.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    We do not get a 1 - 1 match type of feeling in this one, and Everton has been suspect defensively all season. Tim Howard can obviously keep any team in the battle in net, but Manchester United is a different animal.

    Not to mention, having lost to Chelsea last weekend, they are probably itching to get back on the pitch to put that loss behind them.

    Everton is likely going to keep as many players behind the ball for as long as they can, but it will not be enough to find a home result in our opinion. Man U is the play, and +125 is the line on the 3-Way action on the away club.

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