English Premier League Week 3 Fixtures: Arsenal vs Liverpool

  • Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr

    Arsenal-vs-Liverpool Odds

    Soccer Betting: Match day 3 in the Premiership is upon us, and this weekend's round of matches will likely further shake up the story lines we have to discuss thus far in the campaign.

    We have already seen the Sunderland fans remove themselves from the grounds in only one home appearance. Last year, if you recall, the masses simply left within a half-hour against Aston Villa down three goals to nil early. With an 0 - 2 start to the new campaign, and Swansea coming calling to the Stadium of Light this weekend, Sunderland has already put themselves in an early hole, and their fans might already be giving up too.

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    This could be a case where another home match so quick after a poor start could lead to some angry fans and media, especially if they come out flat and start the year 0 - 3 with two home losses. In the event they lose this weekend, of course.

    Chelsea came up with a poor outing against Manchester City this past weekend although, according to Jose Mourinho and his post-game comments, they were the better team in the second half.The Blues lost the second half of play and gave up two goals in the 3 - 0 loss. Mourinho’s comments were mocked on NBC's telecast from the panel about his declaration that they were a better side for any portion of the match, much less the entire second half. Those are certainly strange comments, but when has Mourinho not known how to make it look like they still overshot the moon, even after a 4 - 0 embarrassment at Etihad Stadium.

    There are other stories and more to tell, so let's open up the board and see what we have to discuss this weekend in the Premiership's third round of fixtures.

    We will start with our featured match of the weekend, despite the fact that the match is not being played untilMonday, being that it is our match of the week.

    Featured Match -Monday, August 24- Arsenal vs Liverpool

    Arsenal vs Liverpool

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Arsenal -140

    Liverpool +400

    Draw +285


    Arsenal -0.5 -140

    Liverpool +0.5 +120

    Total 2.5:

    Over -135

    Under +115

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Arsenal return home to face their fans at Emirates Stadium after being held to a clean sheet on opening weekend to West Ham, which was among the handful of surprises from opening weekend. After redeeming themselves with a 2 - 1 win at Selhurst Park in day two, the Gunners must now stave off Liverpool, who are 2 - 0 to start the season alongside three other Premier clubs that are tied with six points and unscarred in the table.

    Liverpool has locked down two 1 - 0 victories to begin the campaign, and they received some early dividends on their £32.5M investment in Christian Benteke this past weekend. He scored the lone goal in last weekend's victory over newly promoted Bournemouth.

    The score may reflect opening day's 1 - 0 win, but the pace of the match was much improved by the Reds, who deserved three points for their stronger effort.

    Eighteen shots on goal is an improvement from eight on opening day, although Liverpool has only combined to take five shots on frame through two fixtures. Keep in mind the Reds have not been scored on yet as well, which could change this weekend.

    The line setters are reading our minds, because they too are thinking that a 2 - 1 result here is sure to come. We tend to agree with them, although the -135 offer is not exactly conscious of our return on investment (ROI).

    This could be a 2 - 2 draw, so there is nice wiggle room for a play on the straight 3 to go Over the total, with a featured price of +135 so they can give us an extra $35, instead of taking it from us with the -135 on the 2.5.

    Joining that play is another plus money offer that comes in the form of the handicap with Liverpool. We will suggest a play on the +120 on the +0.5 handicap and, in case they do settle for a draw, we would still cash the ticket outright if they leave Emirates with a point.

    Arsenal has a good bit of players on the injury report, with the likes of Rosicky, Welbeck, Sanogo, Wilshire, and Flamini all not with the Arsenal club at the moment. Any play on a healthy Liverpool for the most part is a contributing factor to the handicap offer, although Sturridge being out is the most significant of the handful of players on Liverpool's report.

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    Saturday August 22- 6 Matches

    Manchester United vs Newcastle United

    3-Way: 1: Man U -255 Home ; X: +400 Draw ; 2: Newcastle +735 Away

    Spread: Man U -1 -155 ; Newcastle +1 +135 Total 2.5: Over -140 ; Under +120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Man United is among the three clubs to have not given up a goal through the first two outings, with their fellow Manchester mates and Liverpool being the others.

    The Red Devils have also won both of their matches in the new campaign with 1 - 0 results, holding both Aston Villa and Tottenham to clean sheets. Aston Villa barely, and we mean barely, managed to get that official shot on goal you see in the stat sheet, as Manchester United has clamped down on the defensive end thus far.

    Manchester United also got their Champions League campaign startedon Tuesday, winning their front leg at home with Club Brugge at Old Trafford, carrying a 3 - 1 aggregate headed to Belgium for the second leg next week.

    Newcastle has a point from their 2 - 2 draw with Southampton opening weekend, but were taken down by Swansea at Liberty Stadium this past weekend. Right back Daryl Janmaat was sent off the pitch as the first half was coming to a close with a second yellow card, which forced the Magpies to play the entire second half a man down. The early pressure eventually led to the second goal for Swansea, whenAndré Ayew scored just minutes into the second half, and that was all she wrote except for some simple bookkeeping.

    With some extraordinarily high lines on either type of play to suggest here, we are going to offer up a play on the Team Total on the Red Devils.

    We see an offer of Over 2 team goals at -105 for Manchester United to, at worst, score twice to push the action obviously, but we can foresee United breaking out for the first time this year, as both Swansea and Southampton has also scored twice against Newcastle.

    Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa

    3-Way: 1: C. Palace -120 Home ; X: +255 Draw ; 2: Villa +355 Away

    Spread: C. Palace -0.5 -120 ; Villa +0.5 +100 Total 2.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Both clubs have wins over a club fresh up from second tier, and both clubs have a loss against more established organizations in the Premiership.

    The Eagles got by Norwich on opening weekend, and couldn't defend Arsenal long enough to escape their home opener with any points last weekend.

    Aston Villa managed to eke out a victory over newly entered Bournemouth to open the campaign, and lost their away opener to Manchester United 1 - 0 at Old Trafford last weekend.

    Aston Villa took the 1 - 0 victory here at Selhurst Park in the front leg of last year's exchange, while the two clubs played to a scoreless draw in the second show down.

    Crystal Palace swept the season series in 2013-14, with two 1 - 0 wins, which now sees the two play two four straight stone cold Unders.

    Three goals. Four matches in two seasons. Under City!

    This might not be one of those days however, as a hunch reveals that the play will be a tricky Over, catching the line setters 'trending', and us not strictly using past results as a guide.

    At +105, the Over 2.5 sneaks in and catches the line setters sleeping on the action. It comes down to envisioning one of the two clubs smashing a 1 - 1 draw to pieces with a late miracle goal to earn them three points. Whoever does it will be fine with us, because that third goal will cash our tickets and we will have our own personal celebration regardless of who comes out on top.

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    Leicester City vs Tottenham

    3-Way: 1: Leicester +155 Home ; X: +245 Draw ; 2: Tottenham +180 .Away

    Spread: Leicester Pk -120 ; Tottenham Pk +100 Total 2.5: Over -120 ; Under +100

    Analysis and Prediction:

    The line setters are testing us here, because if you have followed our previews over the last two seasons, you know we have never met a Leicester Over that we didn't like to offer here at BetDSI.

    This weekend we see a simple -120 being asked to take this Over 2.5, and this write-up might be short and sweet.

    Tottenham has the potential to score two goals against any club in all of Europe if they put their true dedication to finding the net and it's not just because Leicester has scored six goals in two outings.

    Wait, maybe that does contribute to the 'why we are offering this total again.’

    Plus, of course, the both teams to score prop bet is listed at -145, again acknowledging the fact that we will see some scoring here.

    The first half Over 1 is -115, and you can gladly scroll down to get this offer, click the bet button, and expect no less than a simple goal to be scored to, at worst, get our money back, with at least a 1 - 0 result after 45 minutes.

    We will let you decide which of the first half or fulltime total you feel more comfortable with, as we will offer each play expecting to see 1 - 1 at the half, and 2 - 2 at the final whistle. Two tickets cashed are better than one in some cases, especially if the first half play is only a push. We will still have some action pending on the final 45 to play out on the Over 2.5 at -120 in that case.

    Norwich City vs Stoke City

    3-Way: 1: Norwich +135 Home ; X: +225 Draw ; 2: Stoke +225 Away

    Spread: Norwich Pk -150 ; Stoke Pk +130 Total 2.5: Over +125 ; Under -145

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Norwich has come up from Champions Division and gotten involved in two high-scoring affairs.

    The first came on opening day when the Canaries let Crystal Palace score three goals in their home opener at Carrow Road.

    Norwich rebounded nicely last weekend with a 3 - 1 win over Sunderland, who as we mentioned had the Stadium of Light fans leaving early.

    Stoke stole three points from Tottenham last weekend in their first away match of the campaign. Stoke scored two goals in five minutes late in the second half to cap off a two-goal deficit that came with two first-half goals from the Hotspur.

    Until either of the two clubs show us that they are prepared for a defensive battle, this +125 is more than fair to expect three goals to find the back of the net. The Over 2.5 makes the grade as the suggested offer.

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    Sunderland vs Swansea

    3-Way: 1: Sunderland +285 Home ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Swansea +110 Away

    Spread: Sunderland +0.5 -130 ; Swansea -0.5 +110 Total 2.5: Over +125 ; Under -145

    Analysis and Prediction:

    If Sunderland plans on keeping attendance numbers from dwindling any further, they have got to start winning matches or, at worst, getting any type of result no matter the grounds from here on forward. A bad start can be made up, but it depends on how long the bad start lasts.

    Swansea is the better club no matter how you look at it, and we simply do not have the confidence to invest in a Sunderland club who have looked miserable in two outings, after barely surviving relegation a year ago.

    The +110 offer on the 3-Way line for Swansea goes on our board, as it did last weekend which paid off for us.

    Back to the well we go against a poor Sunderland squad who might have a new manager sooner than later.

    West Ham vs Bournemouth

    3-Way: 1: West Ham +135 Home ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Bournemouth +215 Away

    Spread: West Ham Pk -145 ; Bournemouth Pk +125 Total 2.5: Over -110 ; Under -110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    West Ham pulled the biggest of the opening day upsets as we know, walking in Emirates Stadium and tossing Arsenal aside with a 2 - 0 away win. They followed it up with a poor outing against Leicester at home, and now have to rebound against newcomers Bournemouth at Boleyn Ground this weekend.

    Bournemouth and West Brom are the only two clubs left to have not scored a goal this season, as the Cherries have lost each of their matches 1 - 0.

    We're taking West Ham to find a way to earn three home points, and keep Bournemouth winless through their first three matches in top flight.

    It is tough to win on the road, much less pick up your first win of the campaign on someone else's grounds.

    West Ham at +135 on the 3-Way line goes on the board as our recommendation.

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    Sunday August 23- 3 Matches

    Watford vs Southampton

    3-Way: 1: Watford +175 Home ; X: +235 Draw ; 2: Southampton +165 Away

    Spread: Watford Pk -105 ; Southampton Pk -115 Total 2.5: Over +120 ; Under -140

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Southampton's defense, if we can call it that, has been invisible so far in the early going, giving up five goals in the first two matches of the campaign.

    We saw plenty of goal scoring in the Saints pre-season affairs, and it has carried over to the new season with both Overs cashing their tickets.

    We are offering both the Over 2.5 and the Saints Pk at -115, expecting Southampton to come away with a 2 - 1 away win against the new arrival Watford.

    West Brom vs Chelsea

    3-Way: 1: West Brom +485 Home ; X: +285 Draw ; 2: Chelsea -160 Away

    Spread: West Brom +1 -140 ; Chelsea -1 +120 Total 2.5: Over +115 ; Under -135

    Analysis and Prediction:

    We mentioned the post-game press conference with Jose Mourinho, and it is hard to imagine what was going through his mind as he spoke of how well Chelsea played the second half against Man City.

    He honestly convinced himself that his team played the better second 45 minutes, but the team that played better in the first half won the match.

    Interesting presser to say the least, but as we know, Jose is never going to admit how bad his own team looks until it gets even uglier than it has been.

    Most outlets will speak of the fact that it is early, and bounces just have not gone their way, and there is plenty of time ... all the coined phrases that ease a poor start to a new campaign.

    Let's not be foolish to think that Chelsea is still one of the most talented clubs in the Premiership.

    West Brom is not going to get more than two chances to score, and they certainly will not be finding the net this weekend, even if they are in front of their own fans at The Hawthornes.

    Chelsea and the -1 at +120 makes our board this weekend, as we take advantage of their poor start, catching the line setters giving away a decent play.

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    Everton vs Manchester City

    3-Way: 1: Everton +400 Home ; X: +315 Draw ; 2: Man City -150 Away

    Spread: Everton +1 -140 ; Man City -1 +120 Total 2.5: Over -155 ; Under +135

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Manchester City has taken two 3 - 0 wins to get the new campaign started, and getting contributions from everyone on the pitch is the reason why.

    Vincent Kompany has scored in each of the first two games, and Sergio Aguero looks like a man unleashed in the early going. Aguero almost had to score this past weekend in the win over Chelsea, after firing off at least four shots from all around the box, before eventually finding the back of the net just after the half hour mark.

    The match was extremely physical and emotions got even higher just before halftime of the Chelsea match, with Diego Costa starting a little scuffle as the teams went to the tunnel.

    Everton gets back their goalkeeper this weekend, as Tim Howard is back with the team after announcing the first two weekends on NBC's coverage of Premier League.

    The only way to find any value in this match is to move the total to a straight 3, and take the Over at even money or so, depending on the time you get the action in.

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