English Premier League Week 29 Tottenham vs Manchester United

  • Friday, March 13th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr

    Tottenham-vs-Man-United odds

    Soccer Betting @ BetDSI: After 10 days away from the pitch, Premier League prepares for the stretch run of the campaign. With only 10 fixtures remaining on the season, each match brings a pressing need for the remaining points available.

    Round 29 beginson Saturday, with six matches on the schedule. That leads us intoSunday, which carries our featured match of the weekend at Old Trafford. Tottenham and Manchester United will square off and are separated by only three points, with Man U holding the 4 spot in the table that earns Champions League qualification. Tottenham currently sits 6th in the table, which holds that final Europa League qualification reward.

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    Chelsea still holds a five-point lead on Manchester City entering the round, but they do come off a mid-week Champions League encounter that ended their run in Europe. Paris Saint-Germain took Chelsea to extra time, and found two away goals to knock the English side out of the competition.

    That leaves Arsenal and Manchester City as the last two surviving Champions League participants, with both playing important matches during the week ahead.

    For now, we concentrate on the Barclay's Premier League, and prepare for the weekend in front of us.

    Saturday, March 14- 6 Matches

    West Ham vs Arsenal

    3-Way: 1: West Ham +685 Away ; X: +380 Draw ; 2: Arsenal -240 Home

    Spread: West Ham +1 +120 ; Arsenal -1 -140

    Total 3: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    As we approached the holiday season, West Ham was battling with all the clubs in the top of the table for positioning, and since Christmas they have gone in the wrong direction. It started the day after the holiday, when, onDecember 26, the loss to Chelsea started a trickle effect, resulting in the club’s descent down the table. West Ham now has only one win in their last 11 league matches, and are 11 points behind Tottenham, who holds that final qualifying spot for Europa League. They have switched identities with Arsenal, who is 9 - 2 over that same time frame, and is now the club on the heels of second place, only four points back of Man City.

    Making matters worse for West Ham, Arsenal has won the last 8 meetings in league play and has gone 14 matches, including all competitions, without losing to West Ham, which dates back to the 2007 campaign.

    These two clubs have gotten into many high-scoring affairs, with the Over coming in 6 straight times, so why expect anything less now?

    We don't, so the Over 3 at +105 goes in the books as our first play of the weekend.

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    Manchester City vs Burnley

    3-Way: 1: Man City -235 Away ; X: +360 Draw ; 2: Burnley +715 Home

    Spread: Man City -1 -140 ; Burnley +1 +120

    Total 3: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Man City is second from the top of the table, and Burnley is second from the bottom of the table, so of course this is about as lopsided a match as we will have this weekend.

    Man City and Burnley have met nine times since 1998, from their time in League 1 together right up until the first meeting the two had on the front half of this year’s campaign.

    Burnley has never beaten Manchester City, and it will be hard-pressed to convince someone that today will be the magic day that is all turns around. Burnley has one win sinceDecember 20, when they got by QPR 2 - 1.

    There really isn't a user-friendly line on any of the sides or handicaps here, with Man City naturally being strongly favored away from home, but this total of 3 sitting there at +105 sure makes plenty of sense, so the Over will have to be best play we can suggest from this one.

    Queens Park vs Crystal Palace

    3-Way: 1: QPR +430 Away ; X: +265 Draw ; 2: C . Palace -140 Home

    Spread: QPR +0.5 +120 ; C. Palace -0.5 -140

    Total 2.5: Over +110 ; Under -130

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Obviously, it is tough to say anything good about QPR who has18 losses on the campaign, so it is amazing there are still two clubs under them in the table.

    The first goal Crystal Palace scores in this match will be the 50th allowed by Queens Park on the season.

    We can assume that the Palace does not see Tottenham as approachable for spots in Europe, being 20 points in back of Tottenham’s 6th place in the table, so now it is just a matter of staying afloat and letting the clubs behind them take their spot in the middle of the table.

    We can't suggest an Under with a club about to give up their 50th goal of the year, even though the line setters point the juice towards it. Let's try to sneak in the Over 2.5 here, as we see a +110 on the action, with neither club being able to afford a draw at this point.

    Hull City vs Leicester City

    3-Way: 1: Hull +265 Away ; X: +225 Draw ; 2: Leicester +115 Home

    Spread: Hull +0.5 -135 ; Leicester -0.5 +115

    Total 2: Over -130 ; Under +110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Hull City has been playing rather well lately, and now are five points above the drop zone. Since their four-match losing streak that ended in January, they have 2 Wins, 2 Draws and only 1 loss in their last 5 outings.

    Leicester City is just miserable, alone at the bottom of the table after going six straight matches without a win, and with only 1 draw in the mix.

    We are going to suggest the Pk handicap Draw no Bet scenario with Hull City, that looks like +175 or so on the action. There is no reason to settle for the -130 on the +0.5 with Hull, because we don't see that as a value play in the least.

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    Aston Villa vs Sunderland

    3-Way: 1: Aston Villa +245 Away ; X: +215 Draw ; 2: Sunderland +130 Home

    Spread: Aston Villa Pk +135 ; Sunderland Pk -160

    Total 2: Over -120 ; Under +100

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Aston Villa finally got the win they have so desperately been seeking since changing coaches, but still remain just three points away from the final relegation spot in the table. Now they have to follow it up with a result away from home, in order to find a way to stay in top flight.

    The problem for Villa is that they have been outscored 20 - 4 in their away matches this campaign.

    Sunderland is only one point above Villa, so that makes these points essential for both clubs.

    Sunderland hasn't exactly used the Stadium of Light to make matters easier, with only two wins in 14 home fixtures, so that makes this a tough match to predict.

    Neither club can afford to give points away, and a 1 - 1 type of match here will be a complete waste of 90 minutes. We will hope this Over 2 at a reasonable -120 will cash in when someone finds that second goal to make it 2 - 1 and, if they do indeed settle for the 1 - 1 draw, no harm done, and we will get our money back anyway.

    Stoke City vs West Brom

    3-Way: 1: Stoke +245 Away ; X: +215 Draw ; 2: West Brom +130 Home

    Spread: Stoke Pk +135 ; West Brom Pk -160

    Total 2: Over -115 ; Under -105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Well, we are sticking to our guns about the comments made on the weekly soccer podcast at GMS about Stoke. We said they will be the surprise no one sees coming, and they already made us look good twice since.

    To see a +135 on that Stoke Pk Draw no Bet option brings a smile to anyone seeking value, and we hope that they continue their ascent up the table.

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    Sunday, March 15- 3 Matches

    Featured Match Tottenham vs Manchester United

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Tottenham +330

    Man U -115

    Draw +265


    Tottenham +0.5 -105

    Man U -0.5 -115

    Total 2.5:

    Over -130

    Under +110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Tottenham and Manchester United only sit 3 points apart in the table and both are in European contention as we enter the round.

    Tottenham is trying to stave off Southampton for the final Europa League Qualification spot, holding a 7 point advantage for the position. We doubt they are simply going to settle for Europa League, when Champions League potential is just a few points in front of them, and they are indeed only 8 points back of second place Manchester City. With 30 points available from the ten remaining fixtures on the campaign, Tottenham will certainly look to catch either of the three clubs above them, with Arsenal only four points away in third place.

    Manchester United is still going to be without Van Persie for a spell, but the fans have given Radamel Falcao a show of faith recently, giving him a rising applause for his recent efforts, and they will hope that gives the Columbian some confidence down the stretch. He has been mostly absent for his new club this year, but all that can be erased with a strong finish.

    This should be an up-and-down, wide open match, with offense coming to the forefront, which will lead us to the Over, but we will move the line to the Over 2.5 and 3 to get +105, expecting no less than the 3 goals to come in this one.

    Southampton vs Chelsea

    3-Way: 1: Southampton +610 Away ; X: +315 Draw ; 2: Chelsea -195 Home

    Spread: Southamprton +1 -105 ; Chelsea -1 -115

    Total 2.5: Over -105 ; Under -115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Chelsea can now put to rest the hope for the triple after being knocked out of Champions League this week. They do have the Capital One Cup in hand, and now look to maintain their way to taking home the Premier League title.

    Southampton is just about as healthy as they have been all season and, after being held scoreless for three straight matches, they found 3 points in last week’s 1 - 0 win over Crystal Palace. They are one of the last clubs who are seeking qualification for Europe, only a point back of Tottenham, and have a 7-point cushion on Stoke City behind them.

    We can assume that Chelsea will be down a bit from the Champions League result, a long match that saw extra time against Paris just days before. We will suggest this Under 2.5 at -115, also keeping in mind that Southampton does not have the scorers to keep up with Chelsea. We may see plenty of men behind the ball for Southampton to keep Chelsea frustrated for as long as they can.

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    Newcastle vs Everton

    3-Way: 1: Newcastle +360 Away ; X: +250 Draw ; 2: Everton -120 Home

    Spread: Newcastle +0.5 +100; Everton -1 -120

    Total 2.5: Over +100 ; Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Everton comes off a nice 2 - 1 win in their first leg of Europa League with Dynamo Kiev this week, and they hope to follow that up with a result against Newcastle. Everton has gone 5 straight Premier League matches without a win, and it is starting to put pressure on the club as there are only 6 points separating them from the final relegation spot.

    Newcastle is basically secure in the middle of the table and seemingly safe enough to stay in top flight, with no real chance to catch the clubs in European contention.

    These two have gotten into many high-scoring affairs of late, and we hope that carries over here, as we suggest the Over 2.5 at even money.

    Monday, March 16- 1 Match

    Liverpool vs Swansea City

    3-Way: 1: Liverpool -105 Away ; X: +250 Draw ; 2: Swansea +310 Home

    Spread: Liverpool -0.5 -105 ; Swansea +0.5 -115

    Total 2.5: Over +100 ; Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Steven Gerrard looks to be healthy enough to get back on the pitch, having taken advantage of the 10-day layoff between rounds. Some may say his appearance won't change the complexion of the match, and many media outlets are still just hoping the season ends so he can leave for MLS.

    Swansea City and Liverpool have gotten into many high-scoring matches in their recent history, with Liverpool also taking the first meeting this year at home, 4 - 1. We are going to make our last prediction of the weekend point towards some goal scoring here, and we expect at least the three goals that will cash the Over 2.5 ticket at even money.

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