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  • Friday, November 28th, 2014

    By  Ej Garr


    MLS Odds: The Galaxy knew what they had to do, and they went out and did it. Simple as that, and it is not so simple a task keeping Seattle off the board.

    Indeed, Seattle did score more goals away from home than they did up north, so now they have to find a way to use what home field advantage gives you. That is the knowledge of knowing what needs to be done to not only win this series, but essentially whomever wins this battle ends up hosting the Championship Game for the MLS Cup.

    Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey are one of the top duos in scoring in the league, but wait, Keane and Zardes are actually the best duo in scoring, so who does actually have an advantage here?

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    Far and away, the Galaxy defense knows how to better frustrate guys like Dempsey to the point where he starts doing stupid acts on the field. It is amazing some of the things he has done this year that end up getting him a card. No one runs their mouth for 90 minutes like Clint Dempsey can, and it can bother not only the other team, but Seattle themselves sometimes.

    He is a class player from the United States team, and was an integral part of any World Cup success the they had, but he might think better of expecting respect from referees just because he is who he is.

    Regardless, Martins also has to get more quality shots. He took a couple of decent stabs in the 1st leg, but overall, he needs to be big today if Seattle hopes to host the Finals.

    The goalkeeping edge also goes to Los Angeles. Jaime Peneda may be from Panama, but the 33-year-old keeper has seen everything domestically, internationally and another ‘ly’ word you want to use. Everywhere he has played, he has won, through all the clubs and travels.

    Not to say Stefan Frei has not seen his own experiences. His time in Toronto was decent enough, but his injuries have always seemed to set him back. For now he looks fine, or else he obviously wouldn't be there, but the edge still appears with Los Angeles, especially when adding each teams back line.

    1st Leg Meeting:

    Los Angeles took a 1 - 0 win at home, and carry it in to Seattle

    1x2 3-Way Lines:

    Los Angeles +205

    Seattle +130

    Draw +270

    Handicap/Spread Odds:

    LA Pk +125

    Seattle Pk -145

    Total O/U 2.5:

    Over -125

    Under +105

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    Quick Analysis & Prediction

    Quick Analysis:

    Seattle might be content trying to win a low-scoring 1 - 0 match at home to play extra time at least, but who really goes into a match thinking about wanting to play more than you have to. With a 1 - 0 deficit and 90 minutes at home to go, Seattle has got to be somewhat content that they LA didn't beat them 5 - 0, as they did in the Semis to RSL. That would have sealed it early, so it is not some hopeless situation.

    Also keep in mind, a 2 - 1 win here for Seattle, and they are done and out of it too. If we are tied 2 - 2 on Aggregate, and LA has an away goal, it is back to LA we go for the Finals. So there is so much to think about in attacking a 1 - 0 situation, for both sides naturally.


    Who can execute the plans made on how to go about clinching the Western Conference title and host the finals? That is the question, and we would have to be in the locker rooms to know exactly how each club will go about it. We all know what needs to be done, so now it is a question of what we believe WILL happen, not might happen.

    For me, I simply do not think LA can sit back and let a 1 - 0 lead go for naught. That result was perfect for them, knowing even as mentioned, a 2 - 2 Aggr and a road goal will also be enough. I like Los Angeles here. They have the patience, the talent up front and on the back line to complete the task at hand.

    Los Angeles and Pk at a lovely +125 just in case of a draw, and the Over 2.5 at -125.

    Yes, the Total cost us last weekend, but this time we know the plan is to score first on the road and make Seattle need 3 to beat you. LA can stop them and hurt them on the transitions, and Seattle will over press and frustrate Dempsey for enough of the match to get a result.

    Let's see how we did, and see you for the Finals!

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