MLS Soccer Betting at BetDSI: Colorado vs Chivas

  • Friday, October 10th, 2014

    By  Ej Garr

    Chivas-vs-Colorado odds

    MLS Odds:Back in June, Colorado was hanging around with everyone, eyeing a late season push to try to get in the post-season. Then July came and that all came to a complete halt. One win in their last 15 matches, and now 11 straight without a win to boot.

    Up until the shocker with Real Salt Lake this past weekend, Chivas was in the same boat as Colorado, having lost 11 of their last 12 with a draw in the mix. Since the game is in LA, where the attendance has been non-existent all season, we expect about 40 or 50 people to show up. Ahh, the diehards!

    Almost 120 goals have been scored against them combined, so if you make it to the stadium early, you should ask if they have a spot for you on someone's defensive side of the pitch today!

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    All-time MLS Meetings: (27)

    Colorado Leads Series 14W - 6L - 7D

    1x2 3-Way Lines:

    Chivas +180

    Colorado +140

    Draw +220

    Handicap/Spread Odds:

    Chivas Pk +115

    Colorado -135

    Total O/U 2.5:

    Over -105

    Under -105

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    Quick Analysis & Prediction

    Quick Analysis:

    Yes, it was a bit of sarcasm in my write-up, but my goodness, there is really nothing to talk about here. I know we are trying to be professional and give you something worth reading, but let's be honest. If you need to have action so bad that you are looking at a Colorado / Chivas MLS match to get it? Start watching cricket!


    Well if you need to have action at all on this match, make sure someone is forcing you to do it. My prediction would have to lean to the over 2.5 at -105, simply because neither have them have a defensive clue what they are doing. Play it as small as possible though please!

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