Spain La Liga Week 31 Barcelona vs Sevilla

  • Friday, April 10th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr


    Soccer Betting: With little time to prepare for the round after mid-week fixtures took place, all clubs in La Liga must regroup quickly and take the pitch again this weekend. Not much has changed at the top of the table over the last two rounds, with Barcelona, Real and Atletico Madrid still sitting in the top 3 of the table.

    The round beginsSaturday, with the big match at La Bombonera pitting two clubs against each other who are in the top 5 of the table, as both Barcelona and Sevilla are playing their best football at the perfect time of the campaign. Barcelona is arguably the hotter of the two as they have reeled off nine straight wins between their three competitions, including the Copa Del Ray, La Liga, and Champions League. Sevilla has taken results in nine of their last 10 outings, not including the Super Copa with River Plate that they saw no need to bother with.

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    Real Madrid has quieted the critics lately with two wins since last weekend, scoring 11 goals and Ronaldo leading the way with six of those goals. They will host Eibaron Saturday, which can be seen on BeINsports at10 a.m.Eastern time.

    Atletico Madrid continues their upward trend, with three straight 2 - 0 wins in league play, which we have benefited from each time. They will face a struggling Malaga club, who are falling out of the discussion for European spots towards next year.

    There are fiveSaturdaymatches, fourSundaymatches, and another lone matchon Monday, with Valencia hosting Levante at Mestalla.

    Let's break it all down, and see what action we can find on the pitch in La Liga this weekend.

    Saturday, April 11- 5 Matches

    Featured Match Barcelona vs Sevilla

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Barcelona -170

    Sevilla +425

    Draw +350


    Barcelona -1 -105

    Sevilla +1 -115

    Total 3.5:

    Over +115

    Under -135

    Analysis and Prediction:

    This is setting up to be quite the match, as both clubs are on a torrid pace lately in league play while also alive in their European competitions.

    Barcelona helped us out with their mid-week result, as we recommended the -3.5, and found that 4th goal late in the match to cash the ticket, but it was not as easy as a 4 - 0 may seem. It was only 1 - 0 as they entered the 55th minute against Almeria, but we know after all that the talent level between the two clubs is not even close to a discussion.

    Sevilla is certainly concerned about facing Barca, with a 5 - 1 beat down they were handed in the front half of the campaign at Camp Nou, andnow they also have to address the fact that since 2007, they have only beaten Barcelona twice spanning 21 matches in all competitions.

    Sevilla should be able to have some success at home scoring against Barcelona, so now they have to hope that they can slow them down enough to stay in the match. We can expect a low-scoring first half, with Sevilla not wanting Barcelona to take an early lead by settling back into a defensive mind set.

    Bothclubs have European battles on deck soon enough too, but there is nothing to look forward to here with both of them knowing the importance of finishing strong in league play.

    This may have a slow start, but in the end, we expect to see a good bit of up and down in the second half, and we know Barcelona can certainly open it up against anyone in this league or anywhere in Europe.

    We are going to see if we can manage to sneak in the Over 3.5, with a lovely +115 on the action, and expect the second half to be where the goals come.

    Atletico Madrid vs Malaga

    3-Way: 1: Atl Madrid -110 Away ; X: +245 Draw ; 2: Malaga +333 Home

    Spread: Atl Madrid -0.5 -110 ; Malaga +0.5 -110

    Total 2: Over -125 ; Under +105

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Does 2 - 0 sound familiar? Good, because we have certainly taken advantage of that lately, calling all three Atletico Madrid matches perfectly, although the mid-week result was not as comfortable as we had liked.

    Atletico had some help early in the match with Sociedad putting a ball in their own net just minutes into the match, and Greizmann finding the net at the 10 minute mark against his old club and not even willing to celebrate his accomplishment. To see 2 - 0 in 10 minutes and have it end that way was a mini miracle for us when we suggested the Under and cashed the ticket on the action somehow, some way, but we know Atletico is not exactly an offensive juggernaut.

    Malaga is not even good enough to find a result here, home or not, so the -110 on the 3-Way Madrid line makes our board this weekend, and who knows we might even see a 4th straight 2 - 0 score, which we will certainly take again.

    Rayo Vallecano vs Celta De Vigo

    3-Way: 1: Vallecano +365 Away ; X: +285 Draw ; 2: Vigo -130 Home

    Spread: Vallecano +0.5 +110 ; Vigo -0.5 -130

    Total 2.5: Over -125 ; Under +105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Vallecano has won the last five meetings between these two, and yet here we see Vigo strongly favored once again. Why the line setters are giving away Vallecano and the +0.5 at +110 is beyond us, as Vigo looked terrible last weekend against Granada.

    Vallecano at least held their own against Real Madrid during the mid-week fixture, and that should not be seen as an overwhelming disappointment, since they are simply not of the class of Real, obviously.

    The Handicap +0.5 goes on the board towards the away club here.

    Eibar vs Real Madrid

    3-Way: 1: Eibar +2650 Away ; X: +1205 Draw ; 2: Madrid -1285 Home

    Spread: Eibar +2.5 +110 ; Madrid -2.5 -130

    Total 2.5: Over -120 ; Under +100

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Well they are not making it easy for us to fade Eibar as we have for weeks around here, but who honestly expects Eibar to show up here and give Madrid a fight?

    It was 4 - 0 when these two met in Eibar and it can surely be 4 - 0 again at Bernabéu, so to see a mere -2.5 here on Madrid despite the -130 on the offer has to be where we go. We have committed to fading Eibar in any capacity possible, although they got us against Malaga this week.

    Granada vs Almeria

    3-Way: 1: Granada +225 Away ; X: +215 Draw ; 2: Almeria +140 Home

    Spread: Granada Pk +120 ; Almeria Pk -140

    Total 2: Over -125 ; Under +105

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Almeria has given up eight goals in the two matches since the weekend, and they are currently sitting in the final spot that will be relegated to Segunda Division if they don't start getting some results down the stretch.

    Right with them is Granada, as only one point separates these two at the bottom of the table, so it is actually a good thing for the club who can take three points here, knowing they can help themselves a little closer out of relegation.

    We respect Granada a little bit more than Almeria here, so the +120 on this Draw no Bet Pk on Granada is going to make our board this weekend.

    Sunday, April 12- 4 Matches

    Dep La Coruna vs Real Sociedad

    3-Way: 1: Deportivo +345 Away ; X: +225 Draw ; 2: Sociedad -115 Home

    Spread: Deportivo +0.5 -105 ; Sociedad -0.5 -115

    Total 2.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Let's keep our analysis short on this one, because Deportivo is simply miserable.

    Sociedad kept Atletico off the score sheet for 80 minutes in their mid-week fixture and, despite the 2 - 0 loss, put enough of an effort together to not get humiliated after the rough start to the match. We can only expect and hope that Sociedad puts together something worth investing in, and take the -115 on the 3-Way home line in this one.

    Villarreal vs Getafe

    3-Way: 1: Villarreal +105 Away ; X: +240 Draw ; 2: Getafe +285 Home

    Spread: Villarreal -0.5 +105 ; Getafe +0.5 -125

    Total 2.5: Over +120 ; Under -140

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Villarreal getting beat 3 - 0 in their mid-week match with Espanyol was certainly not an effort from a club hoping to stay in contention for European spots in the table for next year. They only managed two shots on goal, despite seven corners and 14 free kicks. We are calling out an upset of the week here, with a home dog in Getafe, but we are taking the Pk Draw no Bet option at +160. There is more than value there, and if they draw there’s no harm done, and we will gladly get our money back.

    Elche vs Cordoba

    3-Way: 1: Elche +240 Away ; X: +210 Draw ; 2: Cordoba +135 Home

    Spread: Elche Pk +135 ; Cordoba Pk -160

    Total 2: Over -110 ; Under -110

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    There could be reason to expect a 1 - 1 type of match here, but we do see the Both to Score prop heavily juiced to the 'No' side of the action, as the line setters do not obviously expect the net to be found by both sides.

    So who will be the one that does it, is the question we face.

    Let's go with Elche as an answer to that question, since the Pk Draw no Bet action is +135, and we would expect that if any one of these two do indeed score, Elche would be the one that does it. If it is 0 - 0 or 1 - 1, than we lose nothing, and live to bet another day.

    Athletic Bilbao vs Espanyol

    3-Way: 1: Bilbao +205 Away ; X: +220 Draw ; 2: Espanyol +145 Home

    Spread: Bilbao Pk +115 ; Espanyol Pk -135

    Total 2: Over -140 ; Under +120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    These two only sit two points apart in the table, but neither really will be given much of a chance to catch the final Europa League spot in the table. They are each behind Villarreal by a double digit margin, with only eight matches remaining in the campaign, so the word ‘miracle’ comes to mind if it does happen.

    We are moving this Total to the Over 2 and 2.5 handicap, because these two are going to have a fiesta from our perspective. If the line setters want to juice up the straight 2 to go Over at -140, than why pay that price, when we expect 2 - 1 to cash the ticket. If they settle for 1 - 1, we will at least see something back in the account for pushing the two side of the action.

    Monday, April 13- 1 Match

    Levante vs Valencia

    3-Way: 1: Levante +900 Away ; X: +400 Draw ; 2: Valencia -285 Home

    Spread: Levante +1.5 -125 ; Valencia -1.5 +105

    Total 2.5: Over -115 ; Under -105

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Let's wrap up the weekend with yet another Over prediction here.

    Levante has not struggled at all lately with Valencia, with Valencia only winning one of the last six meetings and with Levante winning in their first meeting of the year in the derby. We expect a 2 - 2 type of match here, so the -115 is more than reasonable in our eyes for a recommendation in this one.

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