Soccer Odds - Spain La Liga Week 21 Fixtures Featuring Villarreal vs Barcelona

  • Thursday, January 29th, 2015

    By  Ej Garr


    Soccer Betting: The Spanish media is in an uproar again, after Ronaldo's sending off last weekend, which has led to a 2-match suspension for the Portuguese superstar.Ironically, his name will get mentioned more this week for not playing than it would have been if he were playing.So La Liga moves on, and so does the rest of the Spanish Universe of Primera Football.

    Match Day 21 kicks off our weekend with an earlyFridaymatch as Deportivo travels to Madrid to face Vallecano at Campo de Vallecas. Four matches will appear on theSaturdayslate, including Real Madrid at home vs Real Sociedad.

    Our featured match of the weekend comes at Camp Nou, with Barcelona hosting Villarreal, and the home fans at Camp Nou are waiting to welcome home Barca, who comes off a big Copa Del Ray winon Wednesday.

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    Espanyol and Sevilla will face off for the third time in 10 days, coming off back to back Copa Del Ray meetings.

    Round 21 comes to a closeon Monday, with the lone match at Malaga with Valencia in town wrapping us up. Let’s get to the board and see what is in store for this weekend’s matches in La Liga.

    Friday, January 30- 1 Match

    La Coruna vs Vallecano

    3-Way: 1: Coruna +400 Away ; X: +260 Draw ; 2: Vallecano -130 Home

    Spread: Coruna +0.5 +110; Vallecano -0.5 -130

    Total 2.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Deportivo couldn't even beat the two clubs behind them in their last 3 matches, drawing with both Levante and Granada, who sit together at the bottom of the table, and naturally getting stomped on by Barcelona along the way. We are wondering when, and or if, La Coruna has anything left to give, as we are still only beginning the second half of the campaign.

    Even more astonishing, Vallecano has lost more matches than Deportivo, and are 5 points above them in the table.You can assume that these two clubs are more concerned with staying in top flight Primera, than trying to catch a Europa League birth for next season, at best.

    Combined, they have allowed 69 goals in only 20 matches in to the campaign, which obviously accounts plenty for where they sit, so we see this an opportunity to catch the line setters sleeping on the Total. They offer a +105 on the Over 2.5, and we offer a thank you card in response, as we turn and walk away from the window with briefcase in hand! Makin' it rain tonight is what we are doing when we see 2 - 1!

    Saturday, January 31- 4 Matches

    Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid

    3-Way: 1: Sociedad +1200 Away ; X: +650 Draw ; 2: Madrid -500 Home

    Spread: Sociedad +2 -110 ; Madrid -2 -110

    Total 3.5: Over +105 ; Under -125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Ronaldo. Ok, that covers that, so we know he is out. Let's not make much more of it, because it is what it is. Manager Ancelotti knows that Benzema and Bale can handle any type of workload up front and it's not like that makes it only 2 vs 11 just because the guy wearing the 7 jersey is out. Last we heard, Madrid has a player or two outside of the big 3 household names that can help carry a club, and you still have to deal with a veteran defensive line, as well as keeper Iker Casillas.

    Let's keep in mind, we are talking about a meeting with Real Sociedad at home, and Sociedad sees the bottom of the table much closer to them, only 7 points out of the 1st spot sent down.

    Let's go with 2 maybe 3 - 0 Madrid here and take the -2 handicap at a reasonable 10 percent juice at -110.

    Elche vs Granada

    3-Way: 1: Elche +355 Away ; X: +220 Draw ; 2: Granada -105 Home

    Spread: Elche +0.5 -115 ; Granada -0.5 -105

    Total 2: Over -110 ; Under -110

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Elche has many concerns for who will be looked upon to help the club today, because they will be without their big man Jonathas, and without Faycal Fajr, who hit the showers at the hour mark after being handed a second yellow. We also saw Domingo Cisma leave the pitch with an injury at the hour mark of the match with Barcelona, so his status is uncertain on the Elche back line.

    The problem we face with Granada at -105, or even if it was +120, is what good are they, home or away? Keep in mind, they have won 2 matches in their last 21 overall games played in all competitions and friendlies included, which dates back toSeptember 20.

    We cannot advise someone to barely get their money back on a Granada 'chance of a win' this weekend. They simply do not have whatbettors can take confidence in at the moment. We could easily see 1 - 1 here, with a first half of ugliness that goes to the 45' 0 - 0. We hope it does becausethere is not much offensive talent on this pitch without Jonathas and Fajr out there.

    The best bet you could make on this match is the one you didn't make, because there is nothing to expect from two clubs, so for the first time since October when the previews began we will suggest a straight up pass and move on up out of this match!

    Cordoba vs Celta de Vigo

    3-Way: 1: Cordoba +750 Away ; X: +330 Draw ; 2: Vigo -225 Home

    Spread: Cordoba +1 +110 ; Vigo -1 -130

    Total 2.5: Over +100 ; Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    What the hell did Celta de Vigo do to deserve a -225? In fact, the first thing we navigated towards was the +1 on Cordoba, reason being is, my goodness, Vigo is terrible. You need to have actually won a match in the recent past to be favored like this now, and they have not provided any evidence that they deserve that much respect in the line setters’ eyes.

    Cordoba looked pretty feisty vs Madrid, and it was enough to frustrate Ronaldo, causing him to overreact and blah blah, we know the rest of that story.

    I might even tickle the +750 on Cordoba to come out of here with 3 points, because at least they are the club playing a semblance of football to speak of, but the heartier bet will be on the +1 at a reasonable +110.

    The Draw no Bet option is pretty tasty too at +500 at some sites as well, just sayin'!

    Atletico Madrid vs Eibar

    3-Way: 1: Atl Madrid -175 Away ; X: +280 Draw ; 2: Eibar +580 Home

    Spread: Atl Madrid -1 +105 ; Eibar +1 -125

    Total 2: Over -135 ; Under +115

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Atletico comes off the disappointing result in the Copa Del Ray, and maybe a change of scenery would be good right now. Getting up north and visiting Stadio Ipurúa should ease the pain.

    Eibar has done a great job in their first year in Primera overall, with 27 points they have certainly at least showed the league that they have the ability to taken seriously.

    As much as we would like to respect Eibar to get a result at home, we can't invest on that outcome in this spot. Atletico will be fired up to go out and kill someone, and Eibar gets that assignment. We are suggesting the -1 on Atletico at a reasonable, better than even money line, of +105.

    Sunday, February 1 - 4 Matches

    Featured Match Villarreal vs Barcelona

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Villarreal +1100

    Barcelona -440

    Draw +600


    Villarreal +2 -125

    Barcelona -2 +105

    Total 3.5:

    Over +100

    Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Well, a U.S. broadcaster once said, “If you can't stop someone, at least try to contain them,” and right now, Number 10 and 11 are on a different playing field than anyone else in the game.

    How does Villarreal plan to either contain, or stop, the Barcelona front line of Messi, Neymar and Suarez? We are still unsure why there were reports that Suarez was benched last weekend in favor of Pedro. He was simply on the list of 5 starters who didn't make a start last weekend. There was no news to be had, and Suarez was resting like everyone else for the Copa Del Ray match this week.

    Villarreal has certainly had a nice campaign to this point, holding the final Europa qualification spot as we enter Match Day 21. It is also good enough to appear 6 points beyond the 7th spot in the table that Malaga currently holds.

    We all know what Barca can do but, to be honest, Villarreal is certainly not a pushover club with nothing to gain or lose here. Every match means twice as much as the first meeting, because we all know it is not how you start, it is how you finish.

    We are showing a little respect to Villarreal away from home, because we are getting +2 on the handicap, even though it is just about at the juice line of -125. We know they should be able to hang around for an hour, it will be that last half hour of action that the palms might sweat a little.

    Espanyol vs Sevilla

    3-Way: 1: Espanyol +495 Away ; X: +290 Draw ; 2: Sevilla -165 Home

    Spread: Espanyol +1 -135 ; Sevilla -1 +115

    Total 2.5: Over +100 ; Under -120

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Here we go again! Two clubs that have played each other twice in the last week in the Copa Del Ray now get to do it again in league play. We were hoping to know the results of the Copa match before submitting the thread, but this will be posted without the knowledge of how the second leg of their Copa match went down.

    We are hoping that Over comes in, to see us have the ability to bet it all 3 times they are meeting, in hopes they just beat each other up. We saw Epanyol score 3 in the first leg of their Copa home and home, and if we see that Over come inon Thursday, we are hitting this Over 2.5 as well.

    Getafe vs Almeria

    3-Way: 1: Getafe +240 Away ; X: +220 Draw ; 2: Almeria +130 Home

    Spread: Getafe Pk +155 ; Almeria Pk -135

    Total 2: Over -125 ; Under +105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Does that say 2? At a semi reasonable -125? Why are the line setters giving these two defenses that much respect? If 1 - 1 is all we need to push the action on the Over 2 with these two defenses on the same pitch, then we can certainly be brash enough to suggest the Over 2 with marginal juice.

    Athletic Bilbao vs Levante

    3-Way: 1: Ath Bilbao +130 Away ; X: +215 Draw ; 2: Levante +245 Home

    Spread: Bilbao Pk -160 ; Levante Pk +135

    Total 2: Over -110 ; Under -110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    It is actually amazing that Bilbao is still playing in a European competition and still alive in the Europa round of 32. We say that because they stink, and have stunk all season in league play. They've only scored 16 goals, tied with a handful of clubs down at the bottom of the table with them, and have not won a La Liga match sinceNovember 29.

    Four points behind Bilbao sits this Levante club, who only have 3 wins on the campaign, so now you understand that these two actually are both in the same predicament in Primera.

    We are actually going to grab this Total at 2 to go over, simply because if the season keeps going like this for both clubs, and they settle for a point in a 1 - 1 match, that will mean yet another opportunity no one went out and made the weekly news... again.

    Show us some of that goal scoring that has lacked to this point is all we ask.

    Monday; February 2- 1 Match

    Valencia vs Malaga

    3-Way: 1: Valencia +160 Away ; X: +220 Draw ; 2: Malaga +170 Home

    Spread: Valencia Pk -110 ; Malaga Pk -110

    Total 2.5: Over +115 ; Under -135

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    Analysis and Prediction:

    Is that -110 on the Pk with Valencia flashing at you, screaming, 'take me, take me'!? We heard it, and we took it, so it is time to recommend it! We know Malaga has been playing their legs off the last 2 weeks, with league and cup matches left and right. Meanwhile Valencia sits and gets proper rest to prepare. Not to mention, the first leg of the campaign, Valencia handed this Malaga club a 3 - 0 defeat, although things in the Malaga camp were much different back then.

    We are suggesting Valencia here with the Pk Draw no Bet handicap line of -110.

    Note: The Sevilla / Real Madrid match from Round 16 is being made up on Wednesday, February 4.

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