Soccer Odds- German Bundesliga Week 15 Fixtures Featuring Bayern Munich vs. Augsburg

  • Thursday, December 11th, 2014

    By  Ej Garr


    Soccer Betting: Each club will be playing 3 matches over a 10 day span that will take us right through the holiday break. We get started at Rhein-Neckar Arena on Friday, December 12, with Hoffenheim hosting Frankfurt and Frankfurt coming off a convincing 5 - 2 win over Bremen last weekend.

    On Saturday we have our featured match of the weekend at SGL Arena, with Bayern Munich taking on Augsburg. It is one of 6 matches on December 13. Two matches on Sunday officially wrap up round 15, with 3 of the top 6 clubs in the table taking the pitch, so let's get to the German Bundesliga Lines and Previews, and see what we can have with our beer and brats.

    Friday, December 12- 1 Match

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    Frankfurt vs Hoffenheim

    3-Way: 1: Frankfurt +340 Away ; X: +315 Draw ; 2: Hoffenheim -135 Home

    Spread: Frankfurt +0.5 +115 ; Hoffenheim -0.5 -135

    Total 3.5: Over +110 ; Under -130

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Frankfurt brought Werder Bremen's recent form to a halt last weekend, with a huge 5-goal outburst at home against the River Islanders. Bremen had momentum on their side, but Alex Meier scored the first goal of the match, and added a second in the 68' to increase the lead to 3 - 1, and they never looked back.

    Hoffenheim has been playing high-scoring affairs, smashing the Over 5 of the last 6 matches, with last weekend's 1 - 0 result snapping the run, but how often do you see a straight 3.5 on the total, and then see the line setters give it away at +110?

    I will take advantage of that price, expecting our weekend to start with a minimum of 5 goals on the day, and take the Over 3.5.

    Saturday, December 13- 6 Matches

    Featured Match Bayern Munich vs Augsburg

    3-Way 1x2 Lines:

    Bayern -315

    Augsburg +900

    Draw +440


    Bayern -1.5 -105

    Augsburg +1.5 -115

    Total 3:

    Over +100

    Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Naturally, we chose this match because it is a battle of two teams only a spot apart at the top of the table. Even with Augsburg in 3rd place, they are already 12 points back of Bayern, but are one of the closest clubs this league has to hope to give Bayern a match.

    Augsburg has won 4 straight, and beat this Bayern club in this very building last year, 1 - 0. If we can't take Augsburg at +1.5 at home now, to hope that Bayern spent a bit of energy in Champions League mid-week, than when are we going to be able to expect anyone to show up?

    I will take Augsburg, but with the +1.5 handicap at -115, just to, at least, hope we can have something else to talk about in the next preview.

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    Koln vs Schalke

    3-Way: 1: Koln +365 Away ; X: +270 Draw ; 2: Schalke -125 Home

    Spread: Koln +0.5 +105 ; Schalke -0.5 -125

    Total 2.5: Over -115 ; Under -105

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Koln has to be the club who figures out how to stop Schalke this weekend, and that is simply no easy task, as Schalke manager Di Matteo has his boys finding the net in style. With 11 goals and a 3-match win streak in tow, The Royal Blues are favored at -125 for a reason, and this Over 2.5 at -115, since Koln has not been able to stop anyone lately either.

    Borussia Dortmund vs Hertha Berlin

    3-Way: 1: Dortmund -180 Away ; X: +315 Draw ; 2: Berlin +515 Home

    Spread: Dortmund -1 +100 ; Berlin +1 -120

    Total 2.5: Over -135 ; Under +115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Two 4 - 8 - 2 clubs face off to see who stays around the relegation zone, or who can grab 3 points to potentially creep in the top 10 of the table. Dortmund did all they needed to do in mid-week Champions League to take the top spot of their group and advance to the round of 16, and now need to turn their attention to what has been, for the most part, a disappointing domestic campaign. A spot in next year's European competitions does not look promising at this point of the year, but amazingly they are only 10 points back of 3rd place Augsburg.

    Some of that European power has got to start kicking it in gear for Dortmund, so I will take them with the -1 handicap to get even money.

    Hamburger vs Freiburg

    3-Way: 1: Hamburger +195 Away ; X: +240 Draw ; 2: Freiburg +145 Home

    Spread: Hamburger Pk -110 ; Freiburg Pk -130

    Total 2.5: Over -110 ; Under -110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Most European books offer the Both Teams to score prop at about -145,and that is because they are both going to score, and we all are going to cash the Over 2.5 ticket we played this weekend at -110. When you are at the pub enjoying a beer, have one for me, and give me a long distance 'toast'.

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    Hannover vs Werder Bremen

    3-Way: 1: Hannover +185 Away ; X: +250 Draw ; 2: Bremen +145 Home

    Spread: Hannover Pk +105 ; Bremen Pk -125

    Total 3: Over +110 ; Under -130

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Well, we mentioned that Werder Bremen had been doing a great job getting back in the mix, but took a turn back to their form at the start of the year, giving up 5 goals to Frankfurt last weekend. Hannover hasn't stopped anyone at all as of late, giving up 10 goals their last 3 matches.So, let's put it together and see who will not be able to stop who this weekend. Over 3 at plus money it is.

    Stuttgart vs Mainz

    3-Way: 1: Stuttgart +210 Away ; X: +250 Draw ; 2: Mainz +130 Home

    Spread: Stuttgart Pk +125 ; Mainz Pk -145

    Total 2.5: Over -135 ; Under +115

    Analysis and Prediction:

    They have also juiced this total due to the fact that these two get together twice a year and dump goals on each other. I will move this total to 2.5 and 3 to get closer to even money, because we can surely expect 3 or more goals to be seen here. The Over is 6 - 0 the last 6 meetings, and Stuttgart has given up 31 goals already this campaign, why would it stop now?

    Sunday, December 14- 2 Matches

    Moenchengladbach vs Bayer Leverkusen

    3-Way: 1: Gladbach +425 Away ; X: +310 Draw ; 2: Leverkusen -155 Home

    Spread: Gladbach +0.5 +135 ; Leverkusen -0.5 -155

    Total 2.5: Over -140 ; Under +120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Gladbach needs toright a ship that is slowly sinking down the table. When November started, we were talking about a club hanging around Bayern at the top of the table, and now they have slipped to 6th, and are taking on one of those clubs who have passed them all of a sudden.

    Bayer is doing a great job in Champions League as well, and will be moving on to the round of 16 there, so it has been going well for them in all campaigns.

    The line setters gave us no room for a 3-Way play, with a -155 on the board, so we will have to look to the handicap of -0.5 and 1 to get closer to even money.

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    Paderborn vs Wolfsburg

    3-Way: 1: Paderborn +650 Away ; X: +410 Draw ; 2: Wolfsburg -250 Home

    Spread: Paderborn +1.5 -120 ; Wolfsburg -1.5 +100

    Total 3.5: Over +125; Under -145

    Analysis and Prediction:

    This is another one of those situations that you almost feel bad for anyone who has to deal with Wolfsburg right now, as they are just simply scoring, and getting 3 points at will lately. Paderborn will not be able to slow this club down in the least. Let's give you a tip, they gave up 4 goals to Werder Bremen their last away match, so what can we expect from the Wolf? One word. GOOOL! Rinse and repeat. Maybe we should do a shot of Jägermeister for each goal they score!

    Be on the lookout for mid-week fixtures in Bundesliga on theDecember 16 and 17. Viel Glück this weekend!

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