German Bundesliga Week 8 Fixtures featuring Hannover hosting Monchengladbach Oct 18 at HDI Arena

  • Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

    By  Ej Garr

    B.-MoenchengladbachHannover odds

    Soccer Betting: After taking last weekend off due to the International and Euro 2016 break, 4 clubs remain undefeated as we start week 8 on the pitch. Bayern Munich has set the early tone with a crazy 15/2 GF/GA ratio in a high-scoring league for the most part. The only match taking place this weekend with top 10 clubs is Hannover who hosts B.

    Moenchengladbach, and that will be our featured match of the week in German Bundesliga.

    Also on the schedule is Bayern hosting last place Werder Bremen, which is one of the many lopsided matches -- clubs at the top of the table playing clubs at the bottom of the table.

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    Saturday, October 18 (7 Matches)

    Featured Match

    Moenchengladbach vs Hannover

    1x2 3-Way Lines:

    Moenchengladbach +140 (2.40)

    Hannover +205 (3.05)

    Draw +235 (3.35)


    Moenchengladbach Pk & -0.5 -110 (1.91)

    Hannover Pk & +0.5 -110 (1.91)

    Total Over 2.5:

    Over -115 (1.85)

    Under -105 (1.95)

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Borussia Mönchengladbach is still trying to hang around in Europa League, despite 2 draws out of the gate in the group stage. But they also have no losses in Germany, so they are just going to continue to do what they are doing and take on whatever is in front of them. Hannover always plays better at home, and that is what makes this more challenging than simply saying who wins or loses here. Mönchengladbach has taken 5 of the last 7 matches in the series and even a draw result will be seen as a success here.

    Hannover needs the points after losing 3 of their last 4 in League play, but can they muster up a 90-minute performance and keep pace with Moen?

    We will say no they can't, and suggest taking the handicap of Pk & -0.5 to use the mini safety net in case of a draw, so we don't lose the entire bet.

    OtherSaturdayMatches ...

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    Werder Bremen vs Bayern Munich

    3-Way Lines: 1 +2200 Away X +900 Draw / 2 -1000 Home

    Spread: Werder Bremen +2.5 +120 / Bayern Munich -2.5 -120

    Total 3.5: Over -130 / Under +125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Bayern has a much more important Champions League match coming up midweek in Rome, and I highly doubt they will let anything take precedence over that right now. They have Bundesliga in control and know it. Problem is, Werder Bremen is absolutely terrible and have been a sieve all season, giving up 16 goals in only 7 matches, despite coming off a 1 - 1 draw with Freiburg last time out.

    It is hard to predict this match since it is a last place club vs the best team in Germany, especially with Bayern looking ahead to CL in Italy. Should we take Bayern -1000? Imagine! That is hysterical. Sorry, anyway, Bayern will be fine here I would imagine. Take the Handicap -2.5.

    Wolfsburg vs Freiburg

    3-Way Lines: 1 +105 Away X +240 Draw / 2 +260 Home

    Spread: Wolfsburg -0.5 -110 / Freiburg +0.5 -120

    Total 2.5: Over -130 / Under +125

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Freiburg remains winless on the young campaign and taking on Wolfsburg will not make it any easier, at home or not. Freiburg usually puts up a pretty good battle in front of their fans and I see this Handicap +0.5 as a reasonable play here. Expect a draw or some type of result from a team that needs to start picking it up at some point or else they will just pack it in and start looking to next year.

    Dortmund vs Koln

    3-Way Lines: 1 -150 Away X +290 Draw 2 +420 Home

    Spread: Dortmund -1 +130 / Koln +1 -130

    Total 2.5: Over -120 / Under +120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Koln has certainly struggled to find a win in the early campaign after getting off to a decent start. They have now dropped 3 straight and have not scored a goal in any of their home 3 matches.

    Dortmund has a big Champions League match at Galatasaray mid-week and will try to work on their defense knowing the struggles Koln has had scoring, especially at home.

    I do actually expect some offense here, and Dortmund should be fine in the long run, but Koln cannot continue to let their fans down and not find the net. I see this as a 2 - 1 match so the Over 2.5 with minimal juice is the play.

    Augsburg vs Mainz

    3-Way Lines: 1 +200 Away X +225 Draw 2 +135 Home

    Spread: Augsburg Pk & +0.5 -120 / Mainz Pk & -0.5 +110

    Total 2.5: Over +110 / Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Mainz is one of those mentioned clubs without a loss on the season, and to see them at home with prices like these sure makes it worth making a play of some sort on them. There is value on the 3-Way line at +135, and that is where you should look to try to take home some funds here.

    Bayer Leverkusen vs Stuttgart

    3-Way Lines: 1 +105 (Away) X +250 Draw / 2 +250 Home

    Spread: Leverkusen -0.5 +110 / Stuttgart +0.5 -120

    Total 2.5 & 3: Over -105 / Under -110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Goals are the expected outcome here. Leverkusen has seen 24 goals combined in their 7 matches as they are scoring and being scored on plenty, and one thing Stuttgart has had issue with so far this year is letting too many balls in their net. So this Over is the play and if you can find the straight 3 on the total with nice +Money value, you should consider it as well.

    Hertha Berlin vs Schalke

    3-Way Lines: 1 +360 Away X +270 Draw 2 -130 Home Spread: Hertha Berlin +0.5 +125 / Schalke -0.5 -130 Total 2.5: Over -125 / Under +110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Schalke is 11W - 1L - 1D the last 13 meetings and 9W - 0L - 1D the last 10, so to say they have owned them is acceptable.

    Of course Schalke was much more of a powerhouse than they are now, as both are dead in the middle of the table tied with 8 points because neither have played particularly well this year.

    I am shocked to see this total at only -125 for the Over, because this has 2 - 2 written all over it! As you look at the 3 Way lines and read into it like you should, you should be hunching on the draw, but as I have mentioned I do not post draws. I would rather play handicaps then draws but that is just me!

    Take the Over 2.5 and pay the marginal juice.

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    Sunday October 19(2 Matches)

    Hoffenheim vs Hamburger

    3-Way Lines: 1 +180 Away X +250 Draw 2 +150 Home Spread: Hoffenheim Pk +115 / Hamburger Pk -115

    Total 3: Over +120 / Under -120

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Hamburger is coming off their first win of the season in a 1 - 0 away win at Dortmund, but it was only their second goal scored this season, so they have to keep matches low-scoring if they hope to get any kind of a result.

    Hoffenheim sits tied in the 2nd spot of the table with 13 points, and has not lost a match so far on the young campaign.

    While yes, finding their first win of the season was a stepping point for Hamburger, it was not against a quality team like Hoffenheim, and until Hoffenheim loses, I cannot fade them.

    We even have the mini safety net of a Draw no Bet play to take advantage of with the Pk being at +115 because they are away from home. Lovely!

    Eintracht Frankfurt vs Paderborn

    3-Way Lines: 1 +170 Away X +240 Draw 2 +155 Home

    Spread: Frankfurt Pk +105 / Paderborn Pk -115

    Total 2.5: Over -130; Under +110

    Analysis and Prediction:

    Frankfurt has looked great out of the gate with 1 loss so far and they will know what all the clubs above them will have done by the time they kick off. That will most likely mean they will be needing these 3 points to keep pace.

    Paderborn had a party with their week off in Budesliga, playing a club-friendly and pouring in 6 goals vs lower tier club Lotte. Not worth anything but to build some confidence I suppose.

    I do hope it carries over to help us hit this Over 2.5 though, even with some juice attached to it, I would not argue with anyone who would boost it up to 2.5 & 3 or the straight 3 to get some better value.

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